8 Reasons to Choose an All-In-One PCB Supplier

A large number of electronic companies rely on third-party vendors for the manufacture and assembly of many of the critical components they need for their final products. Arguably the most vital part for just about any electronic is a printed circuit board (PCB). That makes PCB suppliers among the most highly sought after companies in the electronics industry. 


Top electronic designers usually opt for an all-in-one PCB supplier to avoid the many inconveniences that come with working with multiple PCB companies. Some of these inconveniences include delays and additional costs.


In this post, we’ll tell you why working with a single-stop printed circuit board supplier can boost your business and give you an all-important competitive edge.

1、What Is An All-In-One PCB Service?

Before we discuss the many ways in which a one-stop PCB supplier can benefit your business, it's vital first to understand what such a supplier does. An all-in-one PCB supplier refers to a company that provides complete PCB solutions. These solutions are also known as Turnkey services and include the following:


PCB Fabrication


• DFM Checking


• Parts Procurement


• Electrical Testing


PCB Assembly


• Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


• Shipping


In other words, once you send your PCB design files to an all-in-one PCB supplier, they’ll give you a fully-functional PCB.


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2、Benefits of Choosing an All-In-One PCB Supplier

As we mentioned earlier, working with more than one PCB suppliers can cause inconveniences and leave your company lagging. In today’s competitive business world, it’s critical for your processes to move swiftly. Choosing an all-in-one PCB supplier is the first step in streamlining your business processes.


Below are eight top gains a one-stop PCB manufacturer guarantees your company:


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1. Quality Assurance




Given how critical a printed circuit board is in the functioning of an electronic product, it needs to be perfect by the time it reaches your company. Any faults in the quality of a PCB can compromise the quality of your final products. Working with different PCB companies can lead to issues with the PCBs that get delivered to you. These issues may be the result of:


• Faulty PCB design


• Poor fabrication or assembly


• Improper handling or shipping

A dedicated all-in-one PCB supplier pays close attention to every aspect, maintaining the top-notch quality of your PCBs from the design stage to the final step. The manufacturer employs rigorous testing procedures in each stage of the PCB manufacturing process. Any issues found in any link in the process will resolve promptly to ensure the highest quality of the final product received.


2. Reduced Costs


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When you contract several manufacturers to fabricate and assemble your PCBs, you’re likely to incur additional costs, such as shipping expenses between the different companies. An all-in-one printed circuit board supplier, on the other hand, will usually offer many various services under one roof. Some suppliers provide PCB design software, manufacturing, assembly, and shipping. In the end, you get a convenient all-inclusive quote. This way, you never get to worry about extra fees that may pop up during the production process. 


3. Concentrated Expertise


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PCB manufacturing is a highly technical process. In such a project, there’s no substitute for the relevant expertise and experience. Without a skillful workforce, There bound to be many pitfalls in prototype production.


An all-in-one PCB supplier will usually have a highly seasoned team with practical experience to ensure superior design, testing, and production of PCBs. The group typically constitutes individuals with thorough knowledge of design for manufacturability. Members approach the design knowledge with a good understanding of all the likely components a PCB will require, what the specifications for the model are, and how the PCB design software works. 


With seamless coordination between the departments involved, a one-top PCB supplier can ensure that the PCBs produced reach military-grade professional levels. 


4. Avoiding Supplier Failure


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Failures on the part of top PCB suppliers may not be familiar, but they sometimes do happen. As we mentioned earlier, the PCB manufacturing process is highly technical. Even with the best quality assurance procedures, Failures must happen occasionally. The good thing with working with all-in-one PCB suppliers is that whenever problems arise, the supplier can quickly adjust and recover. This way, the quality of the product you receive is not affected.


Additionally, a one-stop printed circuit board supplier can provide you with real-time data regarding the status of PCB production. You, therefore, Understand the progress of each step in the manufacturing process and can communicate any changes you want, so there are no mistakes. 


5. Save on Incompatibility


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Incompatibility is one of the most costly issues when it comes to PCB production. The best way to steer clear of the problem is by opting for a single-stop PCB supplier. 



Well, an all-in-one printed circuit board supplier will usually understand all your requirements. Usually, your PCB order gets assigned to a project manager who oversees every step of the production process. The means that you have a reliable person whose sole responsibility is to ensure that your PCB manufacture to your exact specifications. The project manager double-checks your PCBs to make sure there are no differences in prototype, components, or the functioning of the PCBs. 


6. Value-Added Services


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Value-added services refer to those additional benefits a supplier gives you once you buy their product or service. Suppliers provide these services as a way to build goodwill with their clients.


Many all-in-one PCB suppliers offer a variety of additional services to their turnkey customers. Some of these services include:


• Free passive parts


• Free advanced samples


• X-ray inspection


• Functional circuit testing


• IC programming


• Conformal coating


Of course, depending on the PCB vendor you choose to use, you can expect many add-ons. Many manufacturing companies will offer personalized products in whatever volume and frequency you prefer.


7. A Single Point of Contact


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When you’re dealing with multiple vendors, it’s highly likely that you’ll have to work with many points of contact. That’s because there are different suppliers handling your PCBs during different stages of the production process.


The problem with dealing with multiple points of contact is that it may be very late by the time you become aware that there’s a problem with your order. Knowing who to deal with after discovering issues with your product can be challenging if the product has already been delivered. Resolving such problems can be a lengthy process, and this could significantly affect your business.


With an all-in-one PCB supplier, you get a single point of contact. Where there are any questions, you know who to deal with.


8. Lead Time


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With enhanced communication and fewer issues in your PCB products, there is a significant improvement in lead time. All-in-one PCB companies usually optimize their processes, ensure the accuracy of all operations. This precision is impossible to achieve where multiple companies are involved.


 The best one-stop PCB companies conduct concurrent parts procurement and PCB fabrication. In other words, before the bare PCB complete, everything needed for the PCB production process arrives at the factory.This way, downtime is eliminated.


By receiving your PCB orders on time, you can make sure that you serve your customers better.


As you can see, many benefits come with dealing with an all-in-one PCB supplier. First of all, you get products of the highest quality, given the stringent quality assurance measures applied by such a vendor. Additionally, there is a faster turnaround time and fewer costs, given that you are dealing with a single point of contact. 


Of course, choosing the right all-in-one PCB supplier for your company is paramount. At WellPCB, we offer customized all-in-one PCB solutions designed to meet your company is unique needs. 


Contact us today to find how our exceptional turnkey services can take your business to the next level.

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