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9 Tips To Help You Find The Cheapest PCB Manufacturer

Having an idea of a product that you can’t correctly produce is meaningless. No matter how brilliant the idea might be, you need to bring that idea into reality. And for a plan to see the light of day, you need a manufacturer that understands the designs you have in mind, the materials you wish to use, and the total budget of your project or idea. Well, so how do you go about finding a manufacturer in the PCB industry that will understand the most crucial aspect, which is the cost? In this guide, we will show you 9 tips to use to identify cheap PCB manufacturers’ that will offer high-quality PCBs.

1、Simple Ordering Process

Having a simple ordering process comes with lots of advantages to a business dealing with the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It significantly reduces the often dull and tedious paperwork, while giving a manufacturer more face time with their customers, an aspect that makes the company staff job easier.


But the problem is that not all PCB manufacturers are in a position to effectively streamline their ordering process, simply because they do not know how or even where to begin. If the ordering process is long, it turns out to be expensive, especially to the end-user who may have to seek the products elsewhere. Tedious ordering processes will cause extra expenses to the user and numerous delays too.


But such is not the case with us at WellPCB. Ordering with us is very easy. All you need to do is create an account on our website, after which you can easily upload Gerber files and continue placing orders in the desired color and thickness.


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2、Order Volume / Minimum Order Quantity

In most cases, when you buy things in bulk, there are chances that you will get a discount.  By purchasing in bulk, you’ll pay less than what you would have incurred if you bought fewer goods. In other words, this is explainable from the concept of a volume discount. A volume discount is one of the most widely used economic incentives used to encourage companies and individuals to buy goods in large quantities.


In general, the higher your order volume is, the less expensive you’ll have to pay. The same also applies to PCB manufacturers. Are you in the market for a cheap printed circuit board manufacturer? If so, then ensure that they have in place an order volume system. Your PCB maker should ready to offer you some discounts when you purchase in bulk.


We at WellPCB are among the cheapest PCB manufacturers in China. If you happen to make large purchases with us, rest assured of paying way much less than what you would have paid by ordering less.


Order PCB in bulk.jpg

3、Materials Sourcing

For key PCB manufacturers, a vital issue for many in the market is where they source materials. Some low-cost makers may source their materials from poor quality sources, an aspect that may end up compromising the quality and the performance of the board.


To get a cheap manufacturer that still produces high-quality products, you have to find someone that sources their products at factory quality and receives them at a factory and wholesale prices. A practice we do at WellPCB, ensuring that we get the fairest prices, and our customers will not have the burden of higher PCB prices on their end.


PCB various materials.jpg

4、Cheap and Flexible Delivery Options

It remains incredibly essential, especially for printed circuit board manufacturers, to have reliable and flexible delivery options. Sadly, when you look around, you’ll notice that a majority of them score low points when it comes to implementing flexible delivery systems.


Passing the delivery costs to customers will hike the prices of PCBs to end-users, the fact that most end users are avoiding. These costs pile up and, in the end, make PCBs expensive. A majority of printed circuit board makers have limited delivery options for their customers, but not for us at WellPCB. We have same-day deliveries, any day, and midweek deliveries.


Midweek deliveries are often cheap compared to the rest. To ensure that you don’t incur a lot while purchasing our boards, we can ship two orders to you at the same time.


PCB transportation, supplier and customer delivery.jpg

5、Relevant bloggers Who Follow PCB Board Manufacturers

Blogs began as personal or individual mini-sites that were used by people to record their stories, opinions, videos, photos, and other writings, but now, they have taken a more professional look. If you are looking for one of the cheapest PCB manufacturers out there, then you may follow well-known bloggers who understand the PCB board world.


PCB blogs will educate their audience on the various concepts of PCB production and manufacture, the dynamics, and workflow of specific or different manufacturers. If the working principles of these manufacturers align with your working standards and quality of PCBs produced, then it can be easy to select a manufacturer that offers fair prices.


You can then find blogs that review cheap PCB manufacturers alongside the quality they offer. Based on their opinions and guides, you could identify and yet still compare the services various manufacturers provide. It can be a great way to find a cheap manufacturer without the pressure of trying different manufacturers to figure out yourself.


Internet article about PCB blog.jpg

6、Compare Multiple PCB Manufacturers

There’s nothing wrong with comparing printed circuit board manufacturers first before you choose one. If anything, this is the right way to make sure you find some of the most prestigious on the market. Something good again is that with improved technology, there are plenty of comparison sites that you can find online.


value-added services, production capacity, quality certification, etc., while paying more attention to quality while being cheap.


Who is the most affordable product and will not be degraded by the low price? Do they have in place value-added services and quality certification mechanisms in place? If you assume a comparative approach, there are chances that you’ll end up finding our name top on the list. Despite being cheap, we at WellPCB pay some of the closest attention to matters concerning quality.


Compare PCB suppliers in many ways.jpg

7、The Scale And Services of PCB Manufacturers

It is essential that when looking for a cheap PCB manufacturer, you go for a manufacturer that is well equipped to offer scalable PCB manufacturing aimed at meeting current and future production requirements. With your production needs continually changing, the manufacturer should be highly capable of coming up with scalable PCB manufacturing solutions designed to suit your budget. Unlike others who may be somewhat expensive, at WellPCB, we are one of the cheap ones in the market.


Some of the most services that we provide at affordable rates include different methods of testing, such as functional testing and reviews aimed at identifying if there are any errors with your product. Others include getting rid of vias on pads, or blind and buried vias, to mention but a few. All these done for some of the most affordable rates in the market.


PCB manufacturer.jpg

8、Go for Chinese PCB Makers

As we have stated before, there are plenty of advantages associated with choosing Chinese printed circuit board makers over European, American, or others that are in the business of manufacturing printed circuit boards. Here, it is essential to note that we are not implying that other printed circuit board makers are wrong or not up to the task.


But again, Chinese PCB makers are some of the best and the cheapest ones in the globe. If you attempt taking a comparative approach between Chinese PCB makers and others from other countries, you’ll find that when looking at the price of boards, those from China are somewhat cheap. Based on the country’s higher production capability as there are hundreds of PCB makers in China.


Again, something good about Chinese PCB makers, is that they don’t compromise on the quality of their PCB based on the fact that they are cheap. We are one of the most competitive PCB makers in the globe.


9、Ask for Advice From Experienced Users Around You

Are you still finding it hard locating the cheapest PCB manufacturers around? Why not seek expert advice from experienced users that are close to you? As they say, word of mouth is powerful and spreads fast.


By going ahead and asking for cheap PCB makers from experienced users, there are high chances that you’ll be able to find some of the cheap ones around. If you inquire from experienced users, we at WellPCB bet that you’ll find a lot of people who agree to the fact that we are one of the cheap ones around.


Seek advice from others.jpg


When you are considering the tips highlighted above, it is essential to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of your device. If you sacrifice cost over quality, it may end up being costly in the long run based on returns from unhappy clients. If anything, you may need to strike a balance between the two factors. I hope you can get useful information from here to help you choose. We are happy to provide professional help.

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