How to Make Exclusive PCB Customization

Unique design that goes into the production of a PCB also affects its price. If you visit a PCB maker having in mind custom specifications, expect the amount to be a bit high than a conventional printed circuit board.


Custom specifications are known for raising the production costs, even if the board is small and probably consisting of a single or two layers. The most significant determining factor that sees prices increasing is determined by whether some of the features need special tools or other skills to achieve.  


Some of the examples of unique or custom specifications that a lot of people ask for include solder mask clearance and side-plating. That’s not all. Other users demand their boards to have contoured edges, an aspect that raises their prices.


CUstom features need specialized skills and technicians to produce. Sadly, there aren’t plenty of them around, thereby increasing production costs. If your design is challenging to build with a few PCB makers only having an idea, the price will be high.


Hard-to-manufacture PCBs require specialized tools and time. If the manufacturing time calls for additional hours to complete, expect your board to cost slightly more after that. For instance, if your board needs precise holes of some unusual size that require specific diameters, a production firm may have to procure these tools.


With the above, there’s a high chance that your printed circuit board will be priced a little bit higher than those that lack such features.


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