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Key Factors in PCB Cost: The Number of Layers

Another huge factor that will determine the price of a circuit board is the number of layers in a PCB. The types of materials involved during the manufacturing process and overall resolve pricing differences, thick PCBs require more time and work.


Overall, the cost increases based on layer-by-layer and is as below:

•  10L – 12L: 20 -30%


•  8L – 10L: 20 – 30%


•  6L – 8L: 30 -35%


•  4L – 6L: 30 – 40%


•  2L – 4L: 35 -40%


•  1L – 2L: 35 -40%


A majority of significant increases in the cost of manufacturing is likely when a second layer gets added on the board. But again, cost increases are somewhat less steep the moment a given design crosses or goes over the eight-later threshold.


As a layer gets added, more production steps are involved, a reason as to why its cost might be high compared to the rest. Depending on the type of materials used in a given PCB design, more layers might be needed to ensure that there is a stable composition.


Key factors in PCB cost: The Number of Layers.jpg