5 Ways to Order Custom Printed Circuit Board Online

Custom printed circuit board are your first bet when trying to come up with a prototyping circuit. They minimize space and realize edgy efficiency that is for most designers is a plus. However, just like most types of the product out there, custom PCBs come in different designs, level of complexity, and for various purposes.


Choosing the best kind of Custom PCB circuit board may, therefore, be a tall order. This article will walk you through five basic ways to landing the best PCB board online while at the same time cutting the cost corners. To help with easier choosing, it goes the extra mile to enumerate both the advantages and disadvantages of each method without leaving any stone unturned. Take a look!

A custom printed circuit board is your first bet when trying to come up with a prototyping circuit. They minimize space and realize edgy efficiency that is for most designers is a plus. However, just like most types of the product out there, custom PCBs come in different designs, complexity levels, and various purposes.

Choosing the best kind of online while at the same time cutting the cost corners. To help with easier choosing, it goes the extra mile to enumerate both the advantages and disadvantages of each method without leaving any stone unturned. Take a look!

Custom Printed Circuit Board– Browse Information On Electronic Websites

Recommends and ads on electronic websites are golden treasures for enlisting your PCB suppliers or manufacturers. They are theme-based and categorized depending on the niche or line of the product under sale.

For better results, the PCB manufacturers tailor their information for specific audiences and share projects or designs with the subscribers.  

Electronic websites primarily use affiliate programs to create awareness and increase the sensitization of their products. You can choose by comparing the services and prices of some PCB manufacturers. At the same time, you can also learn more about PCB projects and better promote your own projects.

Pros :

You can develop an in-depth understanding of your prospective supplier, including everything they offer, by just reading the advert. They must manufacture high-quality products that warm the heart of their customers.


Some websites flood their pages with numerous adverts, making it tough for customers to choose the most preferred supplier. You will also need to troll different sites with adverts from different suppliers to land the best option.

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Custom Printed Circuit Board– Online PCB Shopping Websites

Amazon is an effective platform for a massive stock of different models of various products, including Custom PCB with components.

Not only that. Amazon also offers other extra services such as free delivery to almost all countries in the world. The platform has outlets all over the globe hence making two-day or next-day shipping services highly convenient.

However, when it comes to making a custom PCB order, there is a lot more. Remember, whatever you are going for should be bespoke and not the off-the-rack. You may need to send your specs to the manufacturer before hitting the road. So, is the one-stop-shop for already-made products better?

Precisely, esteemed manufacturers of different PCB products publish their amazon sites whenever they drop their products there. You can easily trace their websites and reach them out. To know from the list of manufacturers, the best option to go for is to look at the previous customers’ reviews about your service-provider-to-be. The rating of their products can also be of great help.

One rule of thumb is; the manufacturer with the highest reviews and ratings should be your ideal choice. Otherwise, following your conscience can also be of some use.


1. The site offers access to a  wide selection of manufacturers and products at no fees at all

2. It creates the need for competitive advantage hence wiping out mediocre companies

3. You can ascertain the best product or manufacturer through star rating and reviews


1. Some companies pay for reviews. This method can blind you when it comes to enlisting the best product from a glimpse.

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Custom Printed Circuit Board– PCB Forum Release News

It is worth noting that forum releases come in the form of online discussion. As a result, various participants, including esteemed clients of the specific company holding the forum, can air out their free views of the service’s quality of service.

You can know about any company through forum releases, including alternative manufacturers, crucial information about the quality of services and products provided, customer’s frustrations, and many more.

When enlisting your PCB supplier based on this metric, look out for forum releases or online discussion platforms that focus on electronics. To delve deeper into PCB accessories, consider specific forums that discuss PCB accessories. Google search engine will index all online forums that hoard information on PCB products. You will realize that different participants enumerate key players in PCB circuitry and their websites.


1. You can communicate to the company’s HR when using sponsored forums

2. Most companies or PCB suppliers reply to most customers’ queries through their releases


1. You may receive too many messages at once.

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Custom Printed Circuit Board– Choose a Professional PCB Designer

As the knowledge of circuitry and its application advances, so is the need to develop different designs that capture the broad scope of requirements and their dynamics. To realize this, numerous self-taught and trained PCB designers are resurfacing as self-standing or employed personnel.

Unlike manufacturing companies or established suppliers, PCB designers use the specs to create the custom printed circuit board. The result is a fully functional board that meets whatever role you intended for it.

On the other hand, PCB designers guarantee flawless boards. They understand who the product is for only relates to working hard and smart to eliminate all the efficiencies before making the final package. A PCB designer will procure the circuit components, do the assembling, and expertly inspect and use the most viable method for efficiently delivering the PCB board to your location.

So, how do you choose a PCB designer? You can land the best designer through referrals from friends or coworkers. That is the most efficient method. Otherwise, most designers have landing pages and personal webs where they market their products. Use the Google search engine to reach out to them by clicking on the search results at the comfort of your phone.


1. Designers use the precise information and specs provided to come up with a fully customized board that will answer all your fundamental question

2. You can quickly contact your designer for any corrections resulting from itches if there is a need.


1. One PCB designer can only create from scratch one PCB board at a time. Therefore, there is no need to consider options for mass custom PCB production.

2. The production process may be faster than the designer will be referring to precise specs to come up with a fully customized board that meets your preferences.

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Choose WellPCB Supplier to Customize PCB

WellPCB is a Chinese-registered PCB manufacturer with ten years of experience in the circuitry industry. We use advanced technological equipment to produce cutting-edge PCB boards and related accessories. However, we focus mainly on PCB Assembly Turnkey Services and the production of Printed Circuit Board Fabrications.

Devoid of your place of residence, WellPCB gets you covered with low-cost accessories that are durable and highly efficient for whatever prototyping work you want to undertake. For small and medium-sized distributors, the company uses fast-paced production techniques; hence can help you solve the burden of satisfying multiple customer needs at a go. The company is capable of making 1000 deliveries every single day.


1. You will have ample time dealing with experienced designers

2. You can choose to meet the PCB manufacturer face-to-face by visiting the company

3. You can send the specs of your custom PCB order to the company for something that meet all the personal requirement


1. For incorrect information or inadequate specifications of your orders, it might be difficult for us to proceed with your PCBs’ manufacture. In such instances, clients can contact our agents and make all the necessary adjustments to their orders. If they have doubts about their order specifications, they can cancel the order and have their money back.


Customized PCB boards are hot cake in the circuitry industry. Their uses are growing day by day. Do not be left out. These five metrics capture everything you WellPCB; we will be happy to serve you.

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