PCB Assembly Express-How To Get A Valuable Service

Providing PCB Assembly Express service delivery is essential in reducing the costs incurred and ensuring your clients’ desired turnaround time. You also have to give the desired quality within the timeframe. Every successful work requires some techniques to achieve success. Here, we will discuss the facts.

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1. Tips to provide PCB Assembly Express Delivery

♦ Engage your PCB manufacturer at the initial stage of Printed Circuit Board Design

You must contact your PCB manufacturer as early as the design stage. At this stage, the manufacturer should for all the materials needed for circuit board assembly while ensuring the most cost-effective materials are used. The procedure should be assessed for feasibility, and the Printed Circuit Board layout should be reviewed.

♦ Provide the manufacturer with adequate information

Clarity on the kind of features and the size of the PCB needed on the final product should be provided; This is wont to ensure no other elements are left out in the assembly by the manufacturer. The guidelines should be clear and precise; This reduces the chances of a need for rework which is tiresome and costly.

The right manufacturing partner should provide their clients with a range of models to choose from, accompanied by budgetary estimates for each; This enables the client to select the most cost-effective model and one that suits their budget.

♦ Contract a reputable partner for PCB Assembly Express Service

It is always good to work with a reputable manufacturer in the Bill Of Materials (BOM) of a PCB to get fitted aboard. PCB assembly. If the quality of PCB is the priority, then select a manufacturer who will undertake all steps from design to product delivery. Contracting a single manager for the whole assembly procedure eases management, And reduces costs and time taken in completing the process.

♦ Put into consideration the technology used

The higher the technology used in assembling circuit boards, the better the quality of the final product. Ensure that you select a manufacturer with high-technology machinery and equipment to have a high-performance end product with minimal errors.

Establishing a partnership with the right manufacturing company can significantly reduce the turnaround time.

Many common mistakes by manufacturers and designers can affect the turnaround time. These errors should be avoided by layout engineers and all other professionals involved in the process to ensure a quick turnaround time is achieved.  

2. 6 Common mistakes to avoid in Providing PCB Assembly Express Delivery

♦ Assuming the reputation of a PCB fabrication company

A PCB fabrication company with an excellent reputation for fast turnaround time is more likely to deliver.

When selecting a partner for PCB fabrication, it is necessary to consider the testation of a PCB firm. A good PCB manufacturing partnership will depend on the ability of a firm to deliver within the desired turnaround times.

♦ Ignoring the capabilities of a PCB manufacturing company

Different PCB fabrication companies will have additional skills in meeting your PCB design specifications.

Assuming the powers of a manufacturer to deliver may lead to delays and failure to deliver within the given turnaround time.

It may also lead to a WellPCB. We will provide you with a one-stop service and high-quality products. You can send us the documents you need to make and get a quote immediately! What are we waiting for?

We have ten years of experience in PCB manufacturing company delivering a product that does not meet customer specifications.

Therefore, it is necessary to do circuit board shopping; various things might confuse you. Whether you are going for a single-sided PCB, a double-sided PCB, or any other type of PCB, You can contact your manufacturer early enough to determine the capabilities and clarify the desired turnaround time.

This should be done mindlessly of whether your board requires complex or simple processes.

♦ Assuming the role of Manufacturer Support

Complications may occur even in PCBs with a simple design. Such difficulties may fail to deliver within the specified turnaround time.

These complications can be avoided if the manufacturer has a sound support system. With skilled and experienced engineers, early detection of defects within the PCB design is possible.

A fabrication firm should have an able team that works hand in hand with the customers to detect defects that may be present in a PCB design to prevent delays and unnecessary costs that may incur.

Therefore, it is necessary to assess a manufacturing firm’s ability to provide needed support before establishing a partnership with a circuit board fabrication company. Go for a fabrication firm with a team that can provide the needed support.

♦ Including multiple unnecessary laminations

Besides considering the general issues in PCB fabrication, it is also necessary to keep a keen eye on more specific problems that can easily be overlooked.

Each lamination cycle of a Printed Circuit Board requires processes and time duration equivalent to that needed to fabricate a new PCB.

A circuit board should be taken through each fabrication step for every cycle undertaken in lamination. This may increase the turnaround time by at least two days.

As much as multiple laminations may be necessary. Delivering within the specified turnaround time is essential and should apply to spare PCB designs with a quick turnaround time.

♦ Inclusion of Via-in-pads

Another feature that may significantly affect the turnaround time when included is via-in-pads. Via-in-pads are beneficial in conserving space and eliminating heat from under components.

Adding them unnecessarily to a PCB design may increase the turnaround time by at least a day. If a quick turnaround is a priority, such features should not be included. It’s also necessary to consult and find out if via-in-pads are required.

♦ Lack of clarity on your PCB design notes

Make sure notes accompany the fabrication drawing you avail to your fabrication firm with high clarity and precision.

This should be done to avoid unnecessary back and forth between the manufacturer and designer. The manufacturer should clearly understand the design to eliminate the need to seek clarification from the designer.

It becomes easier to deliver within the desired turnaround time and with minimal complications whenever the notes are well understood.

3. Conclusion

PCB assembly express service delivery. Many companies provide a Bill Of Materials (BOM) for a PCB to get fitted aboard.

But among them, we recommend WellPCB, which delivers high-quality PCB service to express delivery, not compromising quality.

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