HDI PCB Manufacturer– How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

You decided that HDI printed circuit board is the perfect choice for your product. But did you know that these boards can be complex to design and assemble? That is why you need to choose the best HDI PCB manufacturer out there.


In this article, you will discover the questions you should ask before deciding on a manufacturer. Keep reading if you want to find out how to choose the perfect company to make your PCB!

You decided that HDI printed circuit board is the perfect choice for your product. But did you know that these boards can be complex to design and assemble? That is why you need to choose the best HDI PCB manufacturer out there.

In this article, you will discover the questions you should ask before deciding on a manufacturer. Keep reading if you want to find out how to choose the perfect company to make your PCB!

Take You Quickly to Understand HDI PCB

The printed circuit board market has made tremendous progress during the last several decades, and you can find different types of PCB today.

However, it seems that the HDI printed circuit boards are finally taking the place they deserve as they are becoming increasingly popular lately.

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The reason lies in their approach as they try to combine two essential things for every product and user. HDI PCBs maintain reliable and robust performance while trying to reduce the size of the board as much as possible.

The manufacturers try to fit plenty of components in a small space without affecting the performance. Thanks to that, you can benefit from affordable costs and a product that presents excellent value for money.

1.2. What Are Some Potential HDI PCB Applications?

Here are only several ideas on how you can use a high-density interconnect PCB:

Smart items – you can find circuit board Making. THE conventional PCB routing methods can not achieve this with HDI PCBs in smartphones, smartwatches, and other things that need to maintain thinness and compact size while providing excellent performance.

Military and aerospace – the armies throughout the world use printed circuit boards in their aircraft and other products.

These are only some suggestions, and once you learn enough about printed circuit boards, you will realize their incredible versatility in electronics.

Can the Manufacturer Meet Your Requirements?

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If you are looking for an HDI PCB manufacturer, the chances are you already have at least some ideas for your board. That is why you need to find a company that can meet your requirements.

The most reliable manufacturers out there are trying to be as transparent as possible. They state the types of printed circuit boards they can assemble on the front page of their websites. You can also find other manufacturing capabilities and details about the process.

Apart from having the resources to produce the board, it would help if you had a reliable PCB manufacturer with the necessary certifications. A certificate is proof that they can assemble boards by following the regulations and current industry standards.

When looking at the manufacturing solder mask to prevent leakage of electrical and thermal components. Be sure to discuss with your PCB supplier the capabilities of the desired company; you should ensure that the factories are ISO certified and that the process is RoHS compliant. The best companies are capable of designing both rigid and flexible boards, and they offer advanced specifications like blind and buried vias, x-ray inspection, and so on.

HDI PCB Manufacturers are Willing to Abide by the Agreement

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Some users don’t need any help when it comes to choosing the desired components and the layout of their board. They know precisely what their product requires. Find one that looks at the exact design of the circuit board is essential.

The best HDI PCB manufacturer won’t allow any room for improvisation in the process. They will carefully read all your instructions and follow them to the smallest detail.

In case they encounter a problem or realize that their or industry capabilities cannot meet your demands at the moment, they will immediately get in touch with you. A premium manufacturer will suggest the potential alternatives and present their advantages to you.

However, they will allow you to make the final call when switching components, choosing other materials, or making any other changes.

HDI PCB Manufacturer Staff Have the Necessary Experience?

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It is always positive if a manufacturer has all the latest equipment and applies modern techniques in assembling your HDI PCB. After all, high-density boards require the use of state-of-the-art technology in the manufacturing process. That is why your focus should be on staff experience.

Your printed circuit board should be designed by an experienced professional. That especially applies if you have a sophisticated design that may be tricky to assemble and finalize in a way that meets your expectations.

Only experienced engineers and the support team are a guarantee that your board will perform flawlessly. It is why WellPCB gathers trained and skilled staff that can respond to any challenge and design outstanding boards. The positive feedback from clients worldwide is the best guarantee that the company will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do They Have an Online Ordering System?

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If you call a company over the phone, you can never be sure that the person you are talking to has written down your order correctly. You can also send an e-mail, but getting the details of your order right will take a lot of time.

That is why you should go with HDI PCB manufacturers that have an online ordering system. The internet quoting allows you to specify the desired board type, dimensions, and several layers.

Many companies allow you to specify other details, such as board thickness, surface finish, solder mask, etc. Thanks to that, you can place an in-depth order in a matter of minutes.

5.1. Why You Should Take Advantage of the Online Pricing

Another massive advantage of ordering online is the instant quoting system. You can change the quantity of PCBs you want to order and see how that changes your price immediately. The same applies to adjust all other details.

You will also see the shipping costs, which allows you to know the total cost of your boards instantly. Some manufacturers might even offer free shipping, but it may depend on your order value.

Additionally, the best companies will list the approximate time needed to deliver your HDI PCBs. They might even offer to put you on the priority list and give your order in only a couple of days. However, keep in mind that it usually costs extra.

Can the HDI PCB Manufacturer Deliver Your Boards Quickly?

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If you ask an average user, they would probably emphasize three things that are a priority for manufacturing printed circuit boards. The clients usually care that their board performs well and lasts for a long time. The next priority is the total cost, which should go over the predicted budget, and the final concern is the delivery time.

When you buy a product, it is only natural that you expect to have it as soon as possible. As for HDI PCB manufacturers, the standard delivery time is around a week or two, but it mostly depends on your order size and location.

However, premium manufacturers enable you the option of express delivery. That way, you ensure they complete and send your order as soon as possible. More often than not, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of business days for your boards to arrive.

That is incredibly convenient in situations when you have a tight deadline and your product needs to hit the market soon. You can get a reliable board means a lot as it speeds up the process and ensures that you meet the release date.

Is the Manufacturer Ready to Answer Your Questions?

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You may believe that you are an informed client, but you probably don’t know everything about the industry unless you are a PCB expert yourself. As a result, you may have some questions regarding your board’s materials, components, or other specifics.

A reliable manufacturer will be at your service at all times. If necessary, you can contact them during the ordering process, and they will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

The professionals should take the time to suggest the best solution for your product and explain why you should go with that alternative. The best manufacturers will spend as much time as needed explaining your board’s specifics to be sure it meets your expectations.

Even when you place the order, the manufacturers should be at your disposal. Perhaps you have a new dilemma or want to change the delivery option. Whatever the question is, you should get a quick answer from your manufacturer.

You can always test the company by sending them an e-mail before you place the order. Include a question of your interest, or send a general query that will check their response time. The companies that respond quickly are the right way to go because they are prompt, responsible, and caring about their customers.


It is not easy to find the ideal HDI PCB manufacturer. Today, hundreds of companies claim they can assemble printed circuit boards, but only a selected few can do an excellent job. If you want your PCB to perform flawlessly, choosing a reliable and experienced manufacturer is vital.

Make sure to conduct proper research before you finalize your choice. Will be a guarantee that you will get an exceptional board each time you place an order!

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