How to Get the Best Service at Online PCB Manufacturer

Online PCB manufacturers are proudly supplying top-quality PCB manufacturing and fabrication facilities. Their go-getting attitude is helping them keep up with the ever-evolving technology pace. But what latest equipment and system upgradations are they using?


How could you place an order on their websites and get an online quote? Why should you go for them? What kind of services should you look for in a professional online PCB manufacturer? This article will answer all these questions. Decide your favorite PCB manufacturer today! Let’s get started. 

Online PCB manufacturer is proudly supplying top-quality PCB manufacturing and fabrication facilities. Their go-getting attitude is helping them keep up with the ever-evolving technology pace. But what latest equipment and system upgrades are they using?

Decide your favorite PCB manufacturer today! How could you place an order on their websites and get an online quote? Why should you go for them? What kind of services should you look for in a professional online PCB manufacturer? This article will answer all these questions. Let’s get started. 

1. About the introduction of Online PCB Manufacturing

1.1 Importance of PCB Manufacturing

All significant electronics circuits include printed circuit boards (PCBs). You will find them even in more straightforward products such as calculators and digital clocks.

Their job is to guide electricity through the device, which satisfies its mechanical and electrical properties. 

So, to put life in your electronics projects, you need to visit nearby PCB manufacturer companies. But that sounds hard to get out of your comfort zone in this technological invading world. Don’t worry; there is a way out. You can communicate with online PCB manufacturers by sitting at home or workplace.

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1.2 Why is it necessary to communicate with online PCB manufacturers?

This process is necessary to ensure that you do not make any pointless errors during PCB designing. The PCB layout should fulfill the requirements of an online PCB manufacturer. They will tell you about the type of files that they need for manufacturing and other technical details. You can also ask them about their turnaround time and shipping methods. 

You are done with the communication, designing circuit schematics, and then the PCB layout. So, this was just an introduction to online PCB manufacturers. In the next section, we will discuss getting an online quote and placing an order. Then will need to place an order on their website and avail of the online quote facility.

2. How to Participate in Online Quote and Placing Orders

2.1 How to get an online quote for your PCB?

Almost all online PCB manufacturers follow the same procedure for providing an online quote. You will need to log in to their website and look for online Quote or Price Calculator options. After selecting this option, you need to enter all the required details manually. 

If it is difficult for you to examine your data, you can help with the PCB Configurator. They will analyze your design data and fill in the form with design parameters for you. Then, enter the delivery time and number of quantities that you need. Also, fill in PCB dimensions and the number of layers. That’s it. You will instantly see the expected cost for manufacturing your PCB at once.

2.2 How to place an order online?

Now, if you are satisfied with the online price of your design, proceed to place an order. Go to cart or shopping basket and place an order. You will need to attach files in the required format, such as Gerber files, drill files, a .pcb file, and other similar arrangements. 

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The online PCB manufacturers usually have an automatic tool like “PCB Visualizer” to check your uploaded data. This checks that your information goes with their required technical specifications. You will see the machine starts working straight away. When the results are ready, you will be given a prompt to open them. Then if PCB Visualizer is providing positive results, you will need to proceed to checkout. Now, you are good to go. Fill the form with your delivery address, email, payment method, and other details, and the order will place.

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What Services Should you Expect From Online PCB Manufacturers?

Online PCB manufacturers can deliver PCBs in all forms, such as multiple, double, and single layers. The substrate for these PCBs is also available in different types. You can get a rigid board, flexible printed circuit board, aluminum board, rigid-flex board, and high-frequency board.

Online PCB manufacturers have a reputation for providing all these designs with high accuracy and precision. Further, you can select any technology you prefer to use for manufacturing your PCB. It can be through-hole technology or surface mount technology.

Online PCB Manufacturer 4

You must know the right technology to select. This will help in the better fitting of your PCB board with your electronics project. Some projects may be more compatible with SMT and some with through-hole.

Now, let us get to the delivery time offered by online PCB manufacturers. You can hope to get up to 5 PCBs with 2, 4, or 6 layers within 2 to 3 working days. The PCB board can have two screens and two solder masks. You can also opt for lead-free finishing. Some online PCB manufacturers also offer lead-free soldering that is compliant with FR-4 – RoHS.

For your further convenience, there is also no minimum amount required for ordering and no tooling price. The PCB manufacturers also test the PCB board before and after production to provide you with error-free boards. Being tension-free, all the best online PCB manufacturers deliver what they promise and on time.

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So, this was about the services that you can expect from online PCB manufacturers. In the next section, we will give you reasons to go for them. 

Why Should you Choose WellPCB – an Online PCB Manufacturer?

WellPCB is also an online PCB manufacturer. We provide all the mentioned services and much more. Please visit our website to know more. These are a few more points to help why you understand why you should buy from us: 

  • WellPCB makes sure that the PCB manufacturing process maintains high quality. It doesn’t matter whether you want an intricate design or a simpler one; we manufacture them all.
  • Our technical team has years of experience, and they keep a regular check on every advanced production machine. This ensures that your PCB quality is not affected at all times.
  • How are we selling cheap PCBs? Workers’ wages are low here in China if you compare it with the UK or the USA. So, it gives us an edge to produce inexpensive products. It is a tip to order the PCBs in bulk, which will further reduce your costs.
  • We also offer on-time and quick delivery. Our supply chain team makes sure of that. 
  • We can understand that you cannot blindly trust us unless you hear it from satisfied users. You can read their reviews on our website. We have been successfully serving customers from all around the world. 

So, these are some of the reasons why you should choose us. The next section will quickly give you an overview of machinery that online PCB manufacturers use. 

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What Machinery is Used By Them?

Online PCB manufacturers these and more machines throughout the manufacturing process:

  • Drilling Machines with High Precision: This makes sure the stability of the process.
  • Automatic Panting Gantry Line: This makes sure copper plating quality.
  • Soldering machine: For error-free soldering and moisture-free circuits.
  • Text Printing Machine with high speed: This makes engraving clearer and more attractive.
  • AOI Scanning Machine: For improving the reliability of PCBs.
  • Flying Probe Machine with high speed: This tests for any open or short circuits. 
  • Laser Exposure Machine: It makes sure alignment with high precision.
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Online PCB manufacturers are trying their best to deliver quality products and at an attractive price. They also provide quick delivery and low shipping rates. We know that you want to know which one of them is the best. You are curious about how the machinery they use, how you can place an order, and their services.

Hopefully, you will now be able to decide on your online PCB manufacturer. If you still want to ask for something or order from us, please feel free to contact us right away. Could you email us or give us a call? 

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