PCB Layout Software – 3 of the best

There are several PCB layout software available in the market, but the most commonly used software for PCB layout design is

1. ALTIUM Design Software:

The Altium design software for PCB and schematics is the world-famous software for designing a professional PCB layout. This software is user-friendly and has all the basic and advanced features that a design engineer requires.

The ALTIUM Designer 17 is the latest release which contains the following features.

PCB Layout Software1.png

1. Dynamic Copper:

Customize copper borders and adjust copper overlay.

2. Active Route:

Guided routing technology while obeying the design constraints

3. Track Glossing:

PCB nets quality and length are adjusted/optimized automatically.

Auto synchronization of component parameters between PCB and schematics

4. Enhanced Layer Stack Manager:

Manage and define all layer stacks into your design for rigid-flex and high speed

5. Design Import:

You can import PCB and schematics from PCAD, EAGLE, ORCAD, and PADS to ALTIUM designer 17

2. PCB Layout SoftwareCADENCE ORCAD:

1. Shape Creation and Management:

Place a PCB component within the shape, and the shape will automatically make room for the PCB component to adjust to any design rules. Rotate or move the component, and the shape will automatically readjust again.

2. Interactive Routing:

There are no routing modes to remember. Just select the trace/traces you want and get started with routing. Push, hug, and counter-routing. The routing within the complex BGA stencils is easy to sketch the path, and the interactive router will automatically tackle the engineering details and complete the route.

PCB Layout Software2.png


With OrCAD, you can find DFM errors while you design PCB layout so that your design will not wreck your time later. The DFM technology is always running while you are designing the PCB layout. This will save you a lot of time by enabling you to check for DRC errors while designing the layout.

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