Circuit Card Assembly-Specific And Useful Introduce


PCB boards are the core component of every electronic and electrical device these days. A PCB board usually consists of many components that are etched to its surface. The PCB without any component installed over it is commonly known as printed wiring board or etched wiring board. With the passage of time this term has lost its significance infact contrary to this any PCB holding sensors. The components is well-known as printed circuit assembly or printed circuit board assembly. Traditional and more accurate term coined for such PCBs is however circuit card assembly. In case of assemble backplanes the term used is backplane assemblies.  


Figure 1 shows a circuit-card assembly board.


circuit card assembly1.png

Figure 1


The circuit card assembly board shown in figure 1 shows many components etched to the surface of the board. The circuit card assembly board provides this flexibility to its users. So that they can etch few or many components to the surface of the board depending on their requirements.



1.Circuit card assembly board




1.Circuit card assembly board

Whether an engineer has to design a prototype or a large-scale production machine in either case he needs to design circuit card assembly boards for which the requirements of the design is something to be considered at urgent basis. Due to the immense feasibilities that circuit card board provides to its users. The demand for circuit assembly board is high in the market and so has become its production.


Figure 2 shows a circuit card assembly board that is commonly available in the market.



circuit card assembly2.png

Figure 2


Such circuit card assembly boards that have already components etched to their surfaces makes work of engineer very easy. As they don’t need to place all the components themselves however this reduces the flexibility for the users. As they have to stick with the components already soldered on to the circuit cards assembly board.



The circuit card assembly boards possess such capabilities that they can be used in any electrical system or product. The boards can be manufactured in any color, size or high complex problem solving system.


Figure 3 shows the circuit assembly board available in blue color.


circuit card assembly3.png

Figure 3



The circuit card assembly board manufactured with high quality equipment tends to provide life time guarantee. As such boards are difficult to fail in products. By using high quality board the user enhances the quality of product. Thus the cost as well. Circuit card assembly boards provide accurate results when used in product. They provide the prototype or system with resistance to high temperature changes. And are more resistant to mechanical damages. If incurred any as compared with other conventional boards.


Figure 4 shows a circuit card assembly board. Which is highly flexible to the requirements of the user. It provides with many USB ports depending on the demand of user.



circuit card assembly4.png

Figure 4



Circuit card assembly board provides lot of facilities to its users. With their immense significance their demand and usage in daily electronic applications.Which is also increasing thus enhancing room for market of these boards.