Introduction To Some Kinds Of PCB Software

What kinds of the PCB design software are mainstream? We are divided into three categories to introduce to you, there are software for free, suitable for the design of low-end PCB boards, as well as the design of high-end PCB board.


Software For Free


   ZentiPCB,is a program which based on CAD,allows users to import netlist files and visualize them.The layout editor provides the ability to import components directly from the library by the cursor, depending on the needs of a single and double sided board.


   CometCAD Electronic circuit schematic editor supports multi page schematic,components list and netlist schematic output.PCB wiring editor provides all the features mentioned above (component library, double-sided PCB, etc.),but also has the function of the output CAM file, as well as can use it to design rectangular multi-PCB boards.

 3.Osmand PCB

   Osmand PCB is a kind of PCB Editor for Mac,it can design for low to 10nm spatial resolution wiring and arbitrary angle wiring.It also allows user to move and reposition the component,connect/route/modify the path,and use the library it contains to design PCB Tags.


   DesignSpark PCB provides the function of schematic editor,the system is built on the integrated design environment,provide users free  with all the tools required to capture the schematic design and layout of the PCB, is a professional standard design tools.


   TinyCAD Provides the full functionality of PCB design and wiring design,Contains 42 libraries, a total of 755 symbols,These include digital logic gates, electromechanical components and even microcontrollers, and each of them can be edited, and the user can even add its own component symbols.TinyCAD support a variety of netlist format,it can also generate SPICE netlist.


Use in Low-End PCB Design


   Protel is more popular,Whether Protel99 or later versions,all provides an integrated design environment, including the principle diagram design and PCB layout design tools, design document management integration, support function of through the network collaborative design working group.In addition, Protel series of software requires more on the system configuration,the menu is too cumbersome, not suitable for high-speed PCB design.


   Powerpcb is very popular in the low-end PCB design.It’s easy to use and the quality doesn’t less than WG, Allegro, etc.Suitable for small and medium enterprises.


    The Schematic design part of Orcad,capture CIS,as one of the best tools by the industry,good interface,easy to use and operate,also the excellent function of simulation.


Use in HIgh-End PCB Design


   The function of automatic wiring is very strong, the design of the wiring rules is very professional.


   EN designed specifically for large enterprises,WG和EN are the products of mentor company,mentor turned from the software of image design.So rich in color and strong in lines.


   Allegro is specializes in making big boards, it has strict rules and powerful functions,such as the function of utomatic routing,Multi wire walking,Copper trim, etc.,are very easy to use.