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Buying PCB Online

There has been a continued improvement in the internet accessibility all around the world. This has led to the continued development of websites. As one of the consequences, it is now very easy to get a ready PCB Online, just for the intended use; with little or no modifications. A good example is common electronics modules such as a 1 channel relay module. A professional PCB manufacturer like www.wellpcb.com is able to fabricate commonly used PCBs and custom PCBs. In addition to producing a PCB from an online platform with personal specifications, wellpcb.com is able to ship your PCB to your local country at an affordable price. This price varies with the shipping costs of the destination country and the time that the PCB is needed to have been delivered.

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Designing PCB Online

Currently we have websites with a strong back-end application able to help you design your PCB Online. A cloud development platform such as EasyEDA gives you power to make circuits, perform circuit simulation and design PCBs online. To make PCB Prototyping as easy as possible, beginners, PCB hobbyists and existing PCB designers are encouraged to try out these simple online PCB design tools. On the same note, PCB prototyping factories should adjust to accept file outputs from most of the common PCB Online design applications. Wellpcb.com is one of the high-tech enterprises based in China that is able to handle PCB Gerber file outputs from most of the online PCB design tools.

PCB Online Quote

After you have designed your PCB online, the next thing you want to know is how much it shall cost you to get a few prototype boards made and shipped to you, so that you may test or deploy them. This is easy on www.wellpcb.com since there is an online PCB cost calculator. There are many parameters that are used to describe a PCB. All these parameters affect the price of PCB production in a varying weight. For example, one may prefer a PCB gold finish instead of 

Lead Free HASL. A free PCB online quote like the one found at www.wellpcb.com/pcb-quote gives you the liberty to compare prices associated with certain PCB parameters. This gives the PCB designer a chance to participate in coming up with the right price for a PCB online.