How To Choose A Reliable Supplier And PCB Online Order?

How To Choose A Reliable Supplier And PCB Online Order?


Now there are more and more PCB manufacturers in the market, how to choose a reliable supplier and how to custom pcb online order?Here we take Wellpcb as an example.



1.Online Quote


3.Quality Assurance


1.Online Quote


The rapid way to get your PCB easily is to choose an online PCB manufacturer(, which can get the instant quote, fill in your basic information and email for contact.But the price is just for you to consider the budget, some special requirements, of course, need to add the extra money.


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Upload the Gerber files(mostly Gerber files is enough) and choose shipping area at the same page and then click order now to pay by PayPal or Card.




If there is no transport company to choose then it will have the transport by default. So that it can save your time to communicate with the sales via email. Of course, they also accept customer specified if needed.


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WELLPCB PTY LTD, registered in Australia, is a daughter company of Uniwell Circuits Co., Ltd,which has two modern PCB factories, founded in April, 2007.WELLPCB is Focusing on Printed Circuit Board Fabrication and PCB Assembly Turnkey Services, to meet the requirement of High Quality, low cost, fast delivery, easy ordering from customers around the world.


3.Quality Assurance


As every PCB design engineer tends to place and route components according to his own design tactics. Similarly, all PCB manufacturers do not have equal manufacturing facility, skilled manpower and the raw materials. When putting PCB design rules in practice and manufacturer the boards, there are certain key design issues and aspects to look for before pursuing to design finalization and fabrication.The quality is the most important thing for each design of PCB for each requirements.

Here is one of the Quality Certification of WellPCB:



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