PCB Exhibition

WELLPCB participated in the September 14-16 "Electronica  India ", my company at HALL 12,Booth2105, exhibitors are: PCB, PCBA and other products.


During the PCB exhibition, the company received hundreds of Chinese and foreign visitors, especially the company's PCB, PCBA attracted the attention of many viewers, and some also on the spot to establish cooperation intention, many customers concerned about the inquiry, there are many old customers come to the consulting firm New products, many customers on our company's small batch of one-stop service model that affirm and recognition.


The spread and influence of this exhibition has accumulated a lot of potential customers for us. Through contact with customers, we have accumulated a wealth of experience, the future work processes, processes and products have a better understanding of the familiar, here also thanks to the strong support of new and old customers, we would like to work together in Electronics manufacturing in this industry to go further. Today we broadcast



Cross the sea, just to meet with you! HALL 12,Booth2105, we are here!