ExpressPCB is simple to use PCB layout package aimed at the first time user and designer. ExpressPCB offers a schematic capture program that integrates with their PCB layout software. The schematic and layout files can be linked to automatically carry changes forward. One neat feature is that you can group parts of a layout together and replicate, rotate, etc. as you would a component footprint.

ExpressPCB is meant to be used with the ExpressPCB manufacturing service and does not support outputting to standard formats directly.

There are two parts to ExpressPCB, CAD software and board manufacturing service. The CAD software includes ExpressSCH for drawing schematics and ExpressPCB for designing circuit boards.


Why use ExpressPCB

ExpressPCB is designed to enable very fast rapid development of Electronic Schematics and Printed Circuit Board Layouts. Beginners and especially advanced users can quickly move an idea from concept to a physical PCB.


Designing a PCB

ExpressPCB is very easy to use Windows application for laying out printed circuit boards. While not required, you can draw a schematic for your circuit using the ExpressSCH program. By linking your schematic, ExpressPCB will guide you by highlighting the pins that should be connected together with traces.