PCB Board Material

The printed circuit board is the most important element when it comes to the electronics. There is no such thing which can replace the use of the PCBs in the field of electronics. The PCB boards are also known as the printed wiring boards and are sometimes given name of the printed wiring cards. However, each of these things is the same. These boards have crucial role to play in the consumer electronics starting from the calculators, printers, computers, and other electronics in daily life.


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The Composition of PCBs

The printed circuit boards are composed of different layers. Mostly these boards are made up of four layers which are then laminated to sustain heat in the form of single layer. There are different materials being used in the composition of the printed circuit boards. Some of the materials includes the silkscreen, copper, solder masks, and the substrate. The substrate is the last layer of the PCB board material and is made of either fiberglass known as FR4 and is fire retardant. This layer is providing strong foundation for the printed circuit boards but the thickness of the material is as per requirements. There are some cheaper boards as well which can be utilized for the process of PCBs.


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