Double Sided PCB

The double sided printed circuit boards area also known as the double sided plated thru. Sometimes these PCBs are also known as the DSPTs which are the gateway for the higher technological applications. These PCBs are allowing for the closed and better look in to the routes or traces which are being altered in between the top as well as the bottom layers by the use of vias. The double sided PCBs are based on the contemporary technology is most popular amid industrial use.



Double Sided PCB.png

The Benefits of Double Sided PCBs

There are numerous benefits of the double sided PCBs such as these are offering higher flexibility for the designers and are having an increased circuit density. Moreover these PCBS are having lower cost rates and are used as an intermediate level for the complexity of the circuits. The best of all these PCBs are having small board size which is reducing the costs.



There are numerous applications of the double sided PCBs such as the industry of instrumentation and control, the power supplied, the converters, UPS systems, regulators and the power conversion processes. Moreover, these PCBs are widely used in the LED lighting systems, power monitoring systems, line reactors, hard drives, HVAC, printers, and the telephony systems.