Cad Soft Eagle

Cad Soft Eagle is the best way to express your design of printed circuit boards. There are numerous tops through which you can accomplish an outstanding printed circuit board design. The following are some major tips which you can follow using cad soft eagle and design outstanding printed circuit boards.

  1. Keep a Hand on Keyboard and Mouse

The first step is to have a hand on mouse and keyboard. Most of the designers are using mouse as their main design tool for tracing routes and the selection of different tools from the toolbar, however, you have to use both keyboard and mouse to be efficient and fast enough to route your design efficiently. The best way to design is to use the mouse for the connection of wires and rest you may use the shortcuts for different tools using the keyboard. It may be very difficult for you to remember the names of different tools, however you have to make use of the command line which is accepting the spelling easily. You are not required to type the entire word.


Cad Soft Eagle1.png


The Text Tool

You can also incorporate the use of text tool. You can write a sentence in the pop-up window and then drop the sentence at the place where you require. You can also just write the sentence and then hit the Enter button to select the text tool icon.

The Show Tool

The show tool is exclusive when it comes to the use of the keyboard. You are required to enter the element name that you want to place using the command line and then highlight it. For instance, you can write “Show R1”. Then you will be seeing a highlighted R1.


Cad Soft Eagle2.png


There are numerous others tools that you can use in the cad soft eagle and make shortcuts to make your printed circuit board designs perfect.