The evolution in PCB / PWB technology has brought the world to re-innovate the application of circuits especially in the field on Light Emitting Diodes LEDs.The LED is the device that emits light rays in the visible region upon giving voltage at its terminals (anode and cathode). The LED has positive (anode) and negative (cathode) polarities.The LEDs are soldered on the PCB and applied electrical interconnection to illuminate. The heat produced by this LED PCB is so great that it requires the ceramic based and thermal sink to dissipate heat.


The aluminum is commonly used in manufacturing circuit board for LED lights. The aluminum based PCB/PWB has the thermal conductive thin layer of dielectric material that can efficiently dissipate heat as compared to traditional rigid PCBs.There are numerous applications of LED lights PCB including traditional home appliances like LED Lights, Automobile lights, emergency lights, and solar powered street LED lights, flash lights and LED torch.Copper alloy or CEM3 PCBs are used instead of standard FR4 substrate due to their high heat dissipation property.

LED PCB1.png


The aluminum base with thermal conductive dielectric layer will perform as the conducive link between IC and heat sink.Unlike FR4, the copper and aluminum have improved thermal expansion characteristic.The dimensional stability of metallic (aluminum and copper) base PCB is more than FR4 insulating material.

LED PCB2.png


Flexible Aluminum:

Polymide resins are used with ceramic fillers to provide great insulation and flexibility while maintaining aluminum thermal conductivity.

Hybrid Aluminum:

A non-thermal material merged with aluminum metal makes hybrid aluminum.  Non thermal material here is FR4 and it provides rigidity while maintaining aluminum super thermal conductivity.

Multi-layer Aluminum:

In high complex PCBs the multi-layer aluminum provides great thermal conductivity and excellent heat transfer.

The advantage of LED lights PCBs are low power consumption, free of mercury, high efficiency, compact and long life.