Benefits of PCB SMT

PCB SMT is a new technology which is implemented almost everywhere. Its counter-part it the through hole technology. One of its benefits is that components involved here are small. The other plus point is that they can be mounted on either side of PCB. There are two ways in which PCB smt provides benefits. These are in terms of design and manufacturing. Both are explained below.


A.Design Benefit of PCB smt:

One of the remarkable plus points is significant reduction in weight due to using surface mount technology. Other than savings in real estate, the noise reduction is another benefit in design.When it comes in terms of through hole technology, the surface mount technology has its component weighing one tenth to the former technology components.

The area improvement is also made possible when it comes in terms of surface mount technology. Its components usually take much lesser area, nearly one third as compared to through hole technology components. It is worth mentioning that with each type of surface mount technology provides unique benefits.

Shock and vibration resistance enhancement come as result of using surface mount technology. They are added benefits of this modern technology.The reduction in mass of components also leads to effective reduction in parasitic capacitance.


B.Manufacturing Benefit of PCB smt:

The design benefits are one of the types. Manufacturing benefits is another type of advantages that surface mount technology provides. Some of these benefits include reduction in board and material handling costs. This technology also leads to controlled manufacturing process. The reason is because by utilizing this technology, we have routing of traces which leads to lesser drilled holes. It is natural that a smaller board with lesser drilled holes will be of lower cost.


The added plus point is reduction in number of layer counts of pcb. However this advantage is dependent on several factors. If the functions on surface mount board are not increased, the inter-package spacing is increased due to smaller components, which is cause of decrease in layer counts. It adds to reduction of board cost.




The above mentioned benefits are not always indicates that surface mount technology will always be of low cost. Exceptions may occur depending on how and when SMT is used.