Raspberry Pi - The Most Amazing Facts​​


Raspberry Pi is one of the popular computers in the world of electronics. It is a very affordable and high-performance single-board which was originally developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation in U.K. This single board has contributed a lot to computer programming and electronics all over the world. You can get the raspberry pi anywhere, and it can also help users to build any smart device they want.


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1. Uses of raspberry pi


There are many things you can use the raspberry pi to construct. If you add few components to the microcomputer, you can expand its functionality. It has many models with unique functionalities and improvements. There are the A models, A+, B, etc. these models are also in categories of Pi 1, Pi 2, Pi 3.

Regular users perform a wide range of tasks with the raspberry pi. Any project that requires a computer with little processing power, low-cost and space saving, you can make use of the Pi.


1. Uses of raspberry pi


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  1. It can work as the processing unit of any desktop.

  2. It can serve as an instrument for teaching coding to children

  3. If you need a console for retro gaming, the raspberry-pi is also useful

  4. It can also serve as a Pi tablet

  5. You can also use the raspberry-pi as a cluster to construct a supercomputer.

  6. It can also work as a Cloud Server

  7. It can also serve as a media center to enable you to play media like videos, pictures, and music

  8. It can also serve as an impressive alternative for launching a web server.

  9. If you need to host an automation application in your home, the raspberry-pi can also do the trick

10. To make your network private, use the raspberry-pi to secure your network through a VPN.

11. It can also help you to create robots and also control them easily.


The raspberry pi started as a small computer for teaching children how to code, but over time, it has become a necessary computer.