What Is Easiest Way To Removing Solder(Helpful)

What Is Easiest Way To Removing Solder(Helpful)


If left on the board, the excess soldier that remains on the PCB boards may make it difficult to use the boards. As such, it is necessary that you removing solder the clog to give the user an easy time to work on the board. Typically, PCB holes will get clogged during soldiering this may be accidental, and so it is necessary that you plan to remove it. One can use a desoldering tool to get this job done.




How to remove the soldier


The first thing you should do is to hold the PCB board with a holder and place a desoldering bulb behind the hole. You should then squeeze the bulb and press the tip of the heated soldering iron against the hole. This helps to melt the iron. The bulb should be squeezed with the soldering iron in place to remove the excess solder from the board.  In some cases, you will notice that the vacuum action of the bulb helps to remove the soldier on the tip of your soldering iron. To make it easier for you to work, it is advisable that you reapply fresh soldier on the tip of the iron. The process of doing this is called tinning.


Removing Solder.png


Alternatively, removing solder from the board could be done using the drilling technique. In this case, a pin or a small drill may be used. If you choose to use a drill, you may be required to purchase a set of drills so that you can select one with an appropriate diameter to help you in removing solder from the board. Here, adequate care should be taken since using an oversize drill may remove the hole plating that connects the trace to the various layers on the board. Ensure that you select high-speed drill bits for this job. Carbide could be used for industrial drilling.

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