How To Use A Desoldering Pump Effectively


Another name for Desoldering Pump is solder sucker, and it is a device which you can operate manually. It removes solder which connects electronic components to a circuit board. It works like a vacuum cleaner because after desoldering, the pump will remove the liquefied solder from the circuit board.

However, these pumps are of two types: bulb style and plunger style and a pump for desoldering which works with electricity are called a vacuum pump. So you can either use a desoldering pump manually or electrically as the case may be.


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1.How to use a desoldering pump


1.How to use a desoldering pump


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1. You must identify the terminal; locate the right terminal for the unwanted component. A soldering pump is useful if it is a through-hole connection.

2. Clean the target terminal properly; you can use a toothbrush containing isopropyl alcohol and clean gently

3. Get your heatsink and attach; this will help to protect other sensitive components from the heat emanating from the iron. You can also use a metal clip and clip at a point between the terminal and the component.

4. Clean the soldering iron when it heats; use your wet sponge and clean the iron after three minutes of heating. Start from the base of the iron and pass quickly to the tip. Don't pay attention to the smoke that comes out because it is due to the wetness of the sponge,

5. Press the rear of your desoldering pump; it is ready when it clicks and latches in the right position.

6. Heat the previous solder on the board; make use of the iron's tip and melt the solder.

7. Vacuum the solder; after melting the previous solder, touch the melted solder with the pump tip, push the button, and the vacuum will pull the solder into the desoldering pump.

8. Empty the pump; place the pump over your waste bin and push down. This action will clear the solder from the desoldering pump.


Don't forget to troubleshoot to identify any faulty connection and also clean the circuit board afterward.

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