How To Make A Custom PCB Printing

How To Make A Custom PCB Printing


Designing custom PCB printing is easy. All that you need are materials, tools and PCB boards. You also need a mini drill, Ferric Chloride, and a container. Other tools that you need is a container, a bottle of thinner and plastic tweezer. Once the materials and the tools have been collected, it will take you 30-45 minutes to make a custom PCB printing circuit. The PCB can then be used to connect electronic components using copper sheets. Alternatively, you can have the components connected to conductive materials such as copper.




Why use custom PCB printing circuit


Using custom PCB printing circuits is recommended because it is compact and more convenient. It gives you the option of choosing where to put the space on the board.   Also, they make the board stronger since they do not have many holes like it is on readymade boards. The circuits can be made by printing the circuit directly on the board, or you can choose to print it on a photo paper and iron it on the copper side of the PCB. Ironing it helps to transfer ink from the paper to the board.   The ink protects the layer and the copper part making it difficult for it to be etched.


Custom PCB Printing1.png


After transferring the ink on the PCB board, it should be dipped into an etching solution for about 15 minutes. After that, it is necessary that you wash the board with water to remove the etching solution. You should then consider removing any leftover ink using a thinner. Once this has been done, you need to drill holes so that the components can easily be soldiered on the board. It is a natural process that can be done within two hours, and you will have your board ready for use.


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