China PCBs

PCBs are very essential components of the electronic products and there are numerous countries which produces professional PCBs for different electronic components. The china PCBs are very popular these days because of its elegant design and better quality. The China PCBs are also cheap in price and are affordable for all.


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The PCB Manufacturing Process

The PCB manufacturing process can be broken down in to sub portions. Each of the portions is having its own importance which cannot be neglected. The design process of PCBs starts with the basic understanding of the requirements of the client. Once the points of the requirement of the client are cleared, then the design process is very easy.



Creating Bill: First of all you need to have the complete list of components and materials that is required for the design of the PCB.


Layout: The very next step is to design a layout which can be created in any software for the simulation testing. The layout must be simple and have slots for each of the feature, components, and functions of the PCBs.


Scanning the Schematics: You have to scan the entire schematics and if any discontinuity is found, should instantly be removed.


Printing Layout: When the schematics are tested and the layout is double checked, then you have to print the layout on a waxy paper. After that you have to get the printed layout over the piece of PCB board required.


Drilling and Etching: When the layout is on the board, then you have to start the etching process. The ferric chloride is mostly used for the etching process. When the etching is done, now you can process the PCB for drilling. Usually the drill machine having smallest bit is used for drilling.


Checking Connectivity and Components: The last step is to check connectivity of each nodes of the PCB and then place components on to it with the soldering wire.

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