Real Feedbacks to WellPCB

Some Real Feedbacks from our Customers


20170614Thank you very much for your quick service!Was amazed at how quickly it came. 5 days!I would have replied sooner but I've been busy soldering.Thank you


20170728 : Thanks for the PCB received in good condition.Should there be any needs for future PCB, I will surely contact you again.



20170807 :  Yes all good thanks.



20170811 : Yesterday I got the boards, once again everything perfect!I will take this info into account for future boards, since I am thinking on making a multilayered board.



20170905 Thank you for your email. Yes I have received the boards and everything is good.Thank you very much for the offer I will keep it in mind, we have just run through a few issues at the moment and trying to overcome them so will keep you posted.Regards.



20170909 : Yes, I have them, I am currently populating one of the boards to test it. Quality is really good. There is a small design failure (my fault) but silkscreen, plating,... looks great. I liked a lot the analysis report. First one I have ever received. Much appreaciated. Hopefully I'll write about it this week. 


20171007 : I've received the boards and they look really gorgeous. Thanks for the good quality.


20171108 : Every thing looks fine.Won't really know until I assemble and test the board.Beautiful work!




20171126 We received the PCBs, everything looks ok. Thank you!



20171203 : Received the boards.Hopefully will be doing more business with you soon.



20171206 : Yes, I have received the boards. They look great, and we are loading them at the moment. I will let you know how they go.Thanks,Regards,



20171208Boards are fine, thanks.



20171221The PCBs arrived this afternoon. They went through our incoming inspection...and passed. I have one in assembly and so far it looks good.  There is one hole NPT hole that we will want to change on the next run, so far. Everyone is very happy with the appearance of the boards. They are very clean, sharp, the ENIG looks very good.  For a thick board with huge tracks these are probably the best looking boards I've ever seen. We will know more over the next couple of weeks as we get these assembled and into test.   It appears that your company has done a great job on this order. Just thought to let you know.



20171223 : Is this your normal pricing all of the time? If so, you have a new customer.


20180102 : The price is much more aceptable than here!(Canada) and the quality is also amazing! We may always work together in the future.And I will promote you in my university.


20180108 : I received them perfectly! They look very very nice. I hadn’t had the chance to test them but I will soon and let you know. Thanks for everything!



20180111 :Thanks,the boards look great, the quality appears to be excellent. I see a few minor issues in the design that I'll change for next time, but nothing related to your company's workmanship. I'm a happy customer!



20180122:Impressive PCBs! Thank you so much.



20180122 : Hi howie, the PCB looks GORGEOUS, the tan works for our purpose, white would be better, but the tan is good enough for this stage. i am ready to wire it up today and run some tests with flies. tx for your help in making this a reality.



20180123 Got the boards. look beautiful will test this week.[Feedback on Assembly Service.]

0123assembly feedback.png


20180124Thanks a lot for your follow up. I received the PCBs last week in great condition. Boards are nicely made.



20180130 :Emma you one are the nicest most helpful intelligent people i have worked with.  Thank you.  Boards looking good by the way. 



20180131 : Hi Howie!I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. Very busy time for me lately.I did test the board and works perfectly. Not a single problem. I did have just a couple of design mistakes, but easy to fix and they were all my fault.Thanks for everything!



20180208 : Hi Emma,This looks good thanks!  Thanks! You provide awesome service!Regards



20180217 : Hi Howie!Good day!I got your PCB and I'm very satisfied with the quality of their performance.I'll post a photo report of the boards that you sent me.And I will also make a description of them.Now I will recommend you to my colleagues and customers. Thank you very much! I like it!



20180222 : Hello Howie,I have received the boards, tested half of them and they work as expected! Good job!



20180224 : Hi Emma,Thanks for your fast response and assistance.Just an update.I will keep in touch with you for future orders still.I like your company website and fast response.Best regards