Bartels AutoEngineer

The free BAE Schematic Editor generates a netlist that can be used in BAE and third party layout systems, simulation tools and FGPA design systems.There's a completely free version that only enables the schematic capture (no layout), with all its features (including hierarchical design). Using just a different license key, this version also serves as the demo version which has all features but cannot create any external file (like Gerber, PDF, ...).

OS: Windows, Linux and various X11/Unix systems.


Is a professional, complete CAE-package. Starts with BAE Light, the entry level system for double-sided PCBs up to euro format size (160 × 100 mm). The Bartels Autorouter as well as all other BAE Professional features and User Language are included in this price.

Bartels AutoEngineer.gif




* well-thought structure of the layout parts, hierarchically structured; seems cumbersome at first but eventually turns out to be really flexible


* the size of the routing grid does not affect the performance, gridless routing is possible -- with today's multiple different part grid sizes (mil-based for traditional parts, 0.8/0.65/0.5mm for modern SMDs) this is really important


* much of the application is written in a (compiled, C-like) user language and can thus be modified by the user once you grasped the language (which takes years, admitted -- but it also allows the supporter to just send you an updated ULC implementing your wish)


* very good support even for the low-cost version (BAE Light)



* the menues look chaotic at first, "historically grown"; they can be user-customized though

* the autorouter is a separate application rather than fully integrated into the layout editor, so you have to flip back and forth between both

* the color handling is quite old-stylish (16 colors which can be RGB-tuned, but you don't have more than those) but then again, the drawing speed resulting out of that is pretty good.