Diptrace is a freeware to Professional packages available plus affordable non-profit license.DipTrace has 4 modules: schematic capture editor, PCB layout editor with built-in shape-based autorouter and 3D-preview & export, component editor, and pattern editor.



•High-speed shape-based autorouter

•Advanced verifications with real-time DRC

•Real-time 3D PCB preview

•Export of PCB to STEP 3D file format

•ODB++ and Gerber (including Gerber X2) manufacturing outputs




User comments:

* I use DIPTrace. I had been using PADS at my job and was let go. When I started consulting, I had to have something I could afford.You can get a 2 signal layer package that can do 4 layer boards as long as two layers are planes only.It included a large selection of AVR library parts - only lacking the very new stuff. over 50,000 library parts included.


*It does have an auto router and auto placement tool, but I can't comment on how that works since I haven't used it yet. Like any auto router, before you press route, you have to learn how to set the rules.It output really great GERBER files and I had boards made at Myro PCB that worked just great.


*DipTrace allows for very nice Bill of Material output. You can define your own fields and even assign a link to the data sheet on the internet. Right click on the part and select the datasheet from the popup and your browser opens with the data sheet.It has the capability to panelize and import/export GERBER, DXF, net lists of all sorts and other package formats including pick and place files.


*You can change the schematic and update to the PCB as well change the PCB and update the schematic. The verification features allow you to check the board to the schematic and to design rules to make sure there are no errors before sending out your CAM files.



*It is lacking in the connector libraries. But, with so many options, it's no wonder. If you use D-Subs, and 0.1" pin headers a lot, you're covered.Searching for a SMT 6 volt TVS is difficult unless you know the part number.


The latest release was February 2009. So they are actively improving the product. Requesting and developing new features is a trend.