PCB Gerbers

PCBs are made from Gerber 274-X data and NC drill files, Each Gerber file corresponds to one layer in the physical board – the component overlay, top signal layer, bottom signal layer, the solder masking layers inner layers and so on. Because there are so many different versions of pcb files in use today, In order to avoid version conflicts we require our clients to provide us with a full set of Gerber and NC drill files.


When submitting Gerber files for quote or an order, it’s handy to have a simple text file that accompanies the data explaining the requirements that do not appear in the gerber files. Important information not often easily identifiable includes solder mask and silkscreen colors, panelisation requirements if any, pad finish, board thickness and copper weight. Also any special PCB requirements or features on the such as a slots or cutouts. Placing details like this on a mechanical layer is a good place for such data, Or in a text file.


A Gerber Setup dialog provides you with tools to completely configure your Gerber file output options.


Exporting Gerbers

Creating Gerber Files and Excellon Files with EAGLE 3.55