Q&A(Self-Ordering On WellPCB)

Q:Our electronic guy only send us the .lyt (proteus), and am lack of knowledge to export itto gerber, is it going to be a problem if I send you the proteus .lyt file ?

A:We will try to help to convert it to Gerber format.


Q:I need to know the layer stack for 6 layer PCB. The pepreg thickness, ...



Q:Hi -- Can you do 3 mil trace and space?

A:Yes, we can, could you send me Gerber, so we can have a double check.

Thanks; just gathering information for now. I couldn't tell because your capabilities document says the minimum is 4, but your quote page says "3/4". Will be back in touch with Gerbers to check out.


Q:What is the standard lead times for 2-layer, 4-layer, 6-layer, and 8-layer


Layers   Quick-turn Sample order  Mass order

single   24 hours 3working days  7working days

double   24 hours 4working days  7working days

4-6layer  48hours 5-6working days  10working days

8-12layer 120hours 7-9working days  15working days


Q:protel altium designer 6 .cam → Gerber



Q:Do u accept credit card?

A:We can send you our Paypal invoice, when you pay, you can use your credit card.if Paypal permits credit card in your country.for most of customers, they can use credit card to pay to our Paypal account.


Q:What is the lead time for delivery and shipping charges to india?

A:The normal lead time for delivery is 3-5 days, usually we use TNT.As for the shipping charges, it can be caculated online when you choose shipping areas.


Q:Is this your normal pricing all of the time? If so, you have a new customer.


Q:Can you provide IT-180A and matte green solder mask?

A:Yes, we can.IT 180a is OK for us,and the solder mask colors : black, white, red, yellow, blue, green are all available for us,solder mask colors don't affect price.


Q:Can I send files by email? I do not know if the online system can accept these options.

A:The boards are simple 4-layer and sometimes 2-layer. Minimum drill is 10mil sometimes 8mil.


Q:What brand board material do you use?I mean what brand, Sheng Yi or Jian Tao, or Guo Ji?

Q:We use Sheng Yi, Lian Mao, Jian Tao, Guo Ji, Nan Ya.


Q:What payments do you accept?

A:We accept PayPal, Visa.Alipay is also acceptable.


Q:What is the min drill hole for PCB?


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