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Electronica2000-A Full And Wonderful Electronic Web

Electronica2000-A Full And Wonderful Electronic Web


Electronics and electricity, have you ever asked yourself what the difference between these terms is? If you did, or if you’re a professional in the fields of Electronics and Electricity. An electricity/electronics student, a circuitry enthusiast, whatever your profile may be, you’ll be right to visit Electronica2000, a Spanish-written website filled to the brim with technical information about electronics, going all the way from the ins and outs of FM communication to a breadth of circuitry publications, brought to you by both the community and the webmaster.

Let’s have a quick overview of the available contents small, partial snippet from the massive list of materials available

electronica2000 1.png



1.Downloadable circuitry files


3.Tools, converters, and calculators

4.Free Online electronics basics course


1.Downloadable circuitry files:

Audio Amplifier, Electronic Alarms, Inverters, Radio receivers, and many more

Molecular electronics news:

Available and regularly updated here: International tech news translated by electronica2000

Links to a sizable list of partner websites:

Diagrams, Electricidadbasica, Proyectos electronics' blog, among several others. Going from Online circuitry designer apps.



Asctab40, Countdown alarm, Shielded Transformer calculator, and more.

Although not directly related to electronics, a set of webmaster tools and templates are also offered:

HTML and CSS templates, Google Ban detector, WebMaster Tools 3

Community-sourced projects:

Tv decoder, RC circuitry, Electrostimulator, Chronometer, Automated battery charger, Emergency led flashlight, and many others


Example work by Engineer Cesar Q., who publishes his work in electronica2000. Complete set of blueprints.



electronica20002.png electronica2000 3.png


3.Tools, converters, and calculators

Ohm’s law, frequency converter, impedance converter, and pretty much everything you’ll ever need for your electronics projects.


Space where you may publish your projects to share with everyone:

It’s worth repeating that a good part of the information provided in this website was brought to you by collaborators as seen in the “Circuitos enviados por colaboradores” area, who selflessly offered their work for everyone’s reference. Take the above for reference.


You can easily be part of it too! If you have any electronics project you deem worth sharing, be sure to contact, and you’ll probably soon be among the many contributors that make this all possible.

A thoughtfully made electronics dictionary

As a learner or a professional needing to review, you’ll probably make dangerous use of the provided dictionary here at



4.Free Online electronics basics course

Boasting a not-so-humble 100+ lessons which are a mere user registration away, no string attached!

electronica2000 4.png



Snapshot of the course’s landing page provides all this content completely free of charge.

Should you not find what you’re looking for despite all the available information, you can always refer to the forums ( where fellow enthusiasts may answer your questions or maybe the webmaster himself. You can also contact the webmaster directly via the web form available.

Further (and new) information is routinely published in the associated blog and twitter account (also reachable at, both which you’d want to follow to get the latest news, again, many times going beyond the scope of electronics.


Lovingly crafted and kept updated despite the tremendous size of the project, René de León brings to you all of these resources gaining nothing for it but the feeling of accomplishment. Thus, we humbly invite you to show your support to his endeavors and to share the many social media profiles of the website, each providing even more content that may not be featured on the main site, don’t miss out! With that in mind, you may be interested in signing up for the newsletter or the RSS feed, all attached below:


Some more links:

Electronica2000 Facebook:
Electronica2000 Youtube: 
Electronica2000 newsletter:


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