How to turn off Roku



Roku is an HDMI stick, a video player or TV which stream content from the Internet through an Internet router or WiFi. As soon as you plug your Roku device, connect it to your network, the next thing is to select a channel and start streaming. When you finish streaming, your next step is to switch it off, put in Standby or restart it completely. Roku devices have no switch for powering it on or off. Due to their design, they constantly run to download necessary updates via the Internet.


There are methods which you can follow to turn off Roku.


Unplug the streaming player


This is one method of turning off Roku completely. After you are through with your Roku device, you can unplug it completely from the viewing device. If you connected the Roku device to your TV using the AV cord, just unplug it from your device. If it is an HDMI cord, remove the Roku from the port. Afterwards, remove the A/C adapter and this how to turn off Roku.


Unplug Roku stick from HDMI


If your viewing device provides power using an HDMI port, just remove the streaming stick, and Roku will go off. Also, if the HDMI port is not providing the power, still unplug the stick from the wall.


Unplug the Roku TV


If you use only the remote "turn off" button, the television will go on "Standby." Just unplug the TV cord from the source of power, and it will go off entirely. This is also how to turn off Roku.


It is important to note that Roku 3 and other lower models have no power button and the only option is always to shut it down. However, Roku 4 comes with a turn off feature which shows how to turn off Roku. Just go to "Setting"- System-Power. Then select "Auto power off," or "power off" you can also select the "System Restart" feature if you want to reboot