PCB Holder for Easy Soldering(Latest)


You must be frustrated when the crocodile chips that held your PCB at perfect angle bent at last moment for soldering. A reliable PCB holder won’t do such thing! You would also feel frustration when for simply turning the board, you would have to unclip the board, and then re-clip it again. In this article, I will tell you how to manufacture a reliable PCB holder at home by yourself. 



1.Gather your Materials

2.Creating Wooden Parts and Metal Rods

3.Assembly of PCB holder


PCB Holder for Easy Soldering1.png


1.Gather your Materials


You will require gathering these:

  1.Hex Blade

  2.Steel Rods (~5mm)

  3.Drilling machine

  4.Wood drill bits

  5.Crocodile chips


  7.Measuring scale

  8.Screws and Nut bolts

  9.Scrap Wood



Apart from these ones, you will also require gathering some basic tools like hammers, pliers and screw drivers etc.


PCB Holder for Easy Soldering2.png


2.Creating Wooden Parts and Metal Rods:


In this part of PCB holder creation, there are three wooden parts involved. Cut three pieces of dimension (8cmx3cmx2cm) by your hex blade. Then drill two holes on surface. These are for rods. Drill two other holes on each vertical and horizontal side. These are for nuts and bolts. Add another hole for nuts and bolts of 10 mm. For holding the crocodile clips, drill two holes on wooden horizontal surface.

We require a net of 4 metal rods (Use plastic rods if metal ones aren’t available). Have a pair of 15 cm and 8 cm rods available.


PCB Holder for Easy Soldering3.png


3.Assembly of PCB holder:


You are now on assembling stage of PCB holder. Screw tightly the wooden piece onto a wooden base of size of your choice. Now take a nut of 2 inches and insert it into the 2nd wooden piece. Take a large spring of your choice (preferably 2.5 inches) and attach it to 3rd wooden piece by tight nut. The moving part is actually 3rd wooden piece. It is used to rotate and hold your board for PCB soldering. Attach the metal rods and rods having crocodile clips. Use epoxy glue.

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