The Importance of Printing out White Silkscreen(Latest)

The Importance of Printing out White Silkscreen(Latest)


If you are an electronics hobbyist, it should be easy for you to print your white silkscreen using either Electro, ITead, or Seed Studio. The problem is selecting a parameter for the printed boards. Choosing the color to use is of utmost importance.  You have the traditional green, or other colors such as yellow, blue, black and even white to choose from.  




One important question that you will have to ask yourself is the advantage of choosing the white silkscreen vis-à-vis other colors.


white silkscreen.png


You can choose to gloss over with a white solder mask option. Of course, you need to be aware that some people will argue that choosing white could be the best thing to do since a white silkscreen will allow you to carry out the routine easily. Also, it is easier to inspect the whiteboard. When it comes to cleaning, you will encounter enough problems since it is difficult to remove the residues from a whiteboard. It is necessary that you get all the residue off the board to make it look nice. Since it is a white silkscreen, you need to work hard to get every part cleaned to make routing easier for you. Note that it may be difficult for you to do the routing since some of the traces may be invisible and the components may appear like they are floating on a white sea. However, the white silkscreen has an advantage that any artwork that you will do on the screen will be visible and will stand out well.  White silkscreen can be used to make BeagleBone even though the end product may not look attractive. Nevertheless, it serves the purpose it is designed for. If you want it to look better, it may be necessary that you choose different colors such as black, yellow or blue.