Soldermask VS Pastemask-What You Need To Know


This content will introduce the definition of solder mask and paste mask which will be used in circuit board soldering and assembling, and then enter differences between Soldermask VS Pastemask.


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1. What is a Soldermask

2. What is a Pastemask

3.Differences between Soldermask VS Pastemask


1. What is a Soldermask


The solder resist layer, where it is used to coat the green oil solder resist material to prevent solder contamination without welding, this layer will be exposed to all the pads to be soldered, and the aperture ratio will land larger. When painted green oil, to see something (pillows) where oil cannot be painted green, and because of its larger opening than the actual pads, ensure green oil is not applied to the pad, this layer information We need to provide PCB plant solder mask and understanding paste mask


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2. What is a Pastemask


Paste layer, that is to say, it can be used to produce solder paste stencil printing, this layer is exposed only patch welding all required pads, and the openings may be smaller than the actual pillows. The thus-obtained steel hollow place is lower than the genuine pads, to ensure that when the brush solder paste will not paste to brush up green oil, this layer information to be provided to SMT factory


3.Differences between solder mask and paste mask(Soldermask VS Pastemask)


1. The openings on solder mask layer have no solder mask ink, but the openings on paste mask layer have the paste.

2. The solder mask layer is one part on the circuit board, but paste mask layer is just for the stencil. Solder mask is applied when making PCB board while paste mask is used when assembling.

3. Solder mask is used for applying solder mask ink, but paste mask is used for applying paste. Solder mask available in many colors, but paste mask is usually gray.

4. The solder mask is used to determine if there is any clear green oil. It has nothing to do with the tin coating. The paste mask of the layer is to be coated with tin on the steel mesh. It has nothing to do with green oil. The solder mask is a negative film. In the drawing area, there is no open window green crude (bare copper); the paste mask is a positive film; the open area of the steel mesh is painted in the drawing area; the two are just opposite.


If it is true that is being produced with the machine, the method of the paste mask is related to the process, or it is more appropriate to contact the manufacturer to confirm how to open it.