Advantage of WellPCB

When I view the electronic forums to seek for some help about my design and DIY projects, i found that there is always some doubts about some new or not well-known PCB manufacturers,such as Wellpcb,today i want to talk about it,why so many big companies ordered their PCB service.


Advantages of WellPCB


1.High quatily with reasonable price

Advantage of WellPCB.jpg

2.Quick online quote and online service


3.Wellpcb offer a variety of boards, rigid and flexible, from 1-32 layers, at least one piece


4.Guaranteed delivery time and cheap shipping cost



Yes, when you make comparison you will find that our price may not have the advantage, but in quality and manufacturing& delivery time we may have our own advantage.


Such as one of ou customers who comes from Austrilia, urgently need his boards, from he ordered to he received, to ensure the quality and service of the case, it only took five days to the customer's hands.He was amazing our quick service.


May be if you only comparison with the price and not try the service you will never know the advantage of other pcb manufacturers,so try another alternative way maybe will get Unexpected harvest.