What Is The Work Of Diptrace?

Diptrace is a software that can be used to create printed circuit boards and schematic diagrams. It is available in the multilingual interface and comes in 4 modules: pattern editor, component editor, 3D- preview PCB layout editor and schematic capture. It is an advanced circuit design tool that can be used for the logical pin and visual connections.  It is an engineering tool for advanced verification, shape-based auto-router, manual routing and has import/export capability.


Component Editor

Is used to manage component libraries and help to create multi-part components. The engineer can use it to select a template and its dimensions set up. The model defines the electrical pin parameters and attach pattern with 3D models.  Diptrace can then be used to import libraries from various EDA formats. All that one needs to do is to select the template and enter important parameters. It can be used to create non-standard patterns as well as creating complex layouts.




Pattern Editor

It is used to create patterns of different dimensions and shapes. It can also draw holes, lines, pads, circles, square and dimensions. Pattern editor helps the engineers to draw zigzag and rectangles, templates. Selecting an appropriate pattern helps the engineers to draw silkscreen and enter a couple of important parameters including creating non-standard patterns.


3D-Preview and Export

It allows for export features and real-time 3D review. It displays models of the manufactured printed board and the installed components. It allows the engineer to rotate the board, zoom it in and out whenever they want. It also allows them to change colors including the background.

Note that diptrace free version is available and comes with all the functionality that you will get in the full package. Perhaps the only limitation you will have to fathom with is that it is limited to 300 pins but can be used to create a four-layer board with full ground planes and full power.