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1N4732A: Everything You Need to Know!

A diode is a device found in circuits like any other electronic component. A diode can only allow current to flow in one way in a course. Due to the inability of the diode to permit counter-current flow, the diode can act as a current-voltage regulator. There are different types of diodes in the market. However, the Zener diode is the most common voltage regulator diode. Because the purpose of a Zener diode is other than that of the ordinary rectifier diodes. Because the Zener diode is the most popular, it comes in various shapes and sizes. The 1N4732A diode is on the list. https://www.wellpcb.com/

This article will explore the uses of the 1N4732A Zener diode, connections, and how it works.  

Zener diodes

(Zener diodes) 

Zener Diode Pin Description

PinPin nameDescription
1AnodeThis pin allows the current to enter the anode
2CathodeThis pin allows the current to exit the cathode

1N4732A is a two-pin diode like any Zener diode; the anode and the cathode. Distinguishingly, the positive end of the diode is the anode, while the opposing end is the cathode. You can identify the cathode by a ring mark on the glass case towards the cathode.

Always keep in mind that a diode is a one-way valve. So you cannot reverse the current flowing from the anode to the cathode.

Once current flows from the anode, it can only flow to the cathode and from the diode. Hence, correctly connecting a diode is essential.

diode representation logo with a band

(diode representation logo with a band.)

Characteristics of 1N4732A Zener diode

The Zener voltage and power dissipation are the two essential parameters to consider when buying a diode. 

The Zener voltage is the voltage passing across the diode when applying a higher potential voltage. At the same time, power dissipation can decide the overall quantity of current that can flow through the circuit.

You should know that power dissipation and current flow correspond to each other. In this case, the higher the current flow, the bigger the power dissipation.

a vector diode logo

(a vector diode logo.)

Below are some of the characteristics of the 1N4732A;

  • Firstly, the diode has a tolerance ability of +5%
  • Secondly, the 1N4732A diode’s nominal Zener voltage is 4.7 volts.
  • Thirdly, the diode’s operating temperature ranges from -65 to 175 degrees Celsius.
  •  Additionally, the diode is in a through-hole package type.
  • Also, the 1N4732A diode’s maximum power dissipation (Pz) is also 500mW.
  • Moreover, the DO-41 glass package is the case type for this diode.
  • Then, it has a maximum parameter reverse Zener voltage of 100V.
  • Next, this diode is highly reliable since it has very sharp reverse characteristics.
  • In addition, the diode experiences a low voltage drop in its operation.
  • Also, the diode has a high forward surge current capability.
  • Lastly, the diode has a low cost in construction and also a low reverse leakage.


  1. Mechanical drawing of 1N4732A
a mechanical drawing of the 1n4732a diode

  (a mechanical drawing of the 1n4732a diode.) 

The standard package of the 1N4732A diode should have specific measurements. The cathode and anode are semiconductor materials that measure 26.0mm*0.86mm. At the same time, the glass case should measure 4.5mm*2.6mm. The shaded portion on the diagram represents the glass casing. Also, the amount represents the DO-41package.

Alternative Options to the 1N4732 Diode

The 1n4732A diode has an original condition of 4.7V. However, we can use the other alternative diodes if you cannot find this specific parameter power. These diodes are the 5.1v, 6.8v, 15v, and 7.5v Zener.

(a photo shows different types of Zener diodes.)

How to use 1n4723A

The 1n4732A diode comes in a through-hole type package. Therefore, we primarily use it in protection or simple voltage regulator circuits. Also, it would help if you understood that the item package should always work along with a Zener resistor under normal conditions.

A Zener resistor is an essential electronic component in a project that requires a Zener diode. The z-resistor works like any standard resistor by limiting the current quantity in the circuit under normal operating conditions.

An ordinary resistor and the Zener resistor protect the diode from damage resulting from excess current flow.

a simple Zener diode circuit

(a simple Zener diode circuit.) 

From this circuit, to calculate the Zener series resistor(Rs), use the formula below;

                  Rs= [Source voltage Vs) – operating voltage (Vz)]/ Iz

        where the formula to obtain Iz= Pz/Vz 

From the characteristics above, (Pz) power dissipation will be around 500mW, and the nominal voltage is 4.7V. Therefore; 

         Iz = 500/4.7

            =  ≃106mA.

The makes the Zener series resistor value to; 

         Rs = (12 -4.7)/106. As a result, the Zener series resistor’s value is around 680 ohms.

Application of the IN4732A diode

  • Firstly, you can use the 1N4732A diode in crude voltage regulator protection.
  • Secondly, to reduce the reverse breakdown voltage in circuits.
  • Also, the diode works as an input voltage protection for microcontrollers or other integrated circuits.
  • Additionally, used in high-efficiency power management applications.
  • Lastly, you can use the AC voltage to stabilize the circuits.


The voltage regulation device aids in the circuit’s current flow limitation. It also helps to keep your course and other electronic components safe. 

With that, we hope this article has given you some insight into how the 1N4732A diode works and how to use it effectively. For more information on the subject or any questions, please contact us! Our team is always ready to help.

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