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Paper Tab Quick Introducing

1. What is it?

The Paper Tab, a flexible paper computer which looks and feels just like a sheet of paper, may one day overtake today’s tablets.A revolutionary new tablet screen the thickness of a sheet of paper that can be twisted and dropped without damage has been revealed.

It can combine several Paper Tabs into one larger surface by placing them side by side, or share files by touching one tablet to another.

The Paper Tab features plastic transistor technology developed by Plastic Logic that we’ve previously seen in that company’s Plastic Logic Reader and QUE ProReader.

paper tab-0.jpg

2.The development of Paper Tab

The developers claim the Paper Tab system can replace traditional paper and computer monitors with its facile and interactive plastic sheets. Where screens are concerned, apparently, the future remains flexible.

Paper Tabs bend the right side of the display to page forward and the left side to page backward. And while it feels like this might be easier to master in theory than in practice, the show in the video demo make it look pretty simple.  

While its “tablet” billing, the PlasticTab is still just a screen, not a full-scale computer. People have to connect the screen to a processor via a series of unwieldy cables. In videos, the display also looks a little splotchy – not unlike an Etch-a-Sketch-though Queen’s University writes in a news release that the quality is high-resolution.

Although it shows that Plastic Logic’s flexible “paper” technology is advanced in its own right, the display technology such as e-ink and rigid-flexible boards at the moment.Unfortunately the future isn’t here yet.It is said that the development of Paper Tab will in the next 5-10 years;Currently not ready yet.


3.A flexible display using the Flexible board technology

Paper Tab requires high requirements for Flexible board,Because it unlike traditional tablets, it should not only file and display thousands of paper documents, replacing the need for a computer monitor and stacks of papers or printouts but also has the function of bending and control flexible to keep track of their location relative to each other, and the user, providing a seamless experience across all apps,reverts to a thumbnail overview of a document when it placed outside.

This is just one example of the innovative revolutionary design approaches enabled by flexible displays.

The developers claim it could even replace paper altogether.The technology could eventually replace traditional screen in the coming future.

paper tab-1.jpg


4.People’s voice

For this new revolution, some folks supportive attitude:

* Hurry up Future! Get here quick!

* That technology soon will be real, and without magic!What an amazing revolution!


Some people hold skeptical attitude:

*this will never work

*Now is at the end of 2017,but still no develop or place to see or buy them.Th guys are sure it may replace tradtional paper in the future but also damning they’re too slow in developing :D.

*Its a cool idea but its a little unreal at the moment because of how slow it is. each paper must be connected to one of those cords, it seems u need multiple papers to efficiently work the e-paper which just creates clutter, there is no color, and there is no good reason some one would choose an e-paper over an ipad.



This should also be modular like a pc and be able to run full windows office to see office use. Adding compatibility for more programs like statistica and AutoCad will also be great. Love this concept. But this will be more for work, not play though.

Yes, there are still many questions should to be considered:

The coulours,the highlight,the convenience(without numberous ribbon cables)

It still a long running way of developing new things

Let us wait and see the future development of good things!



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