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Battery CR2025 vs CR2032: A Complete Guide

Isn’t it frustrating when you insert a button cell battery into a gadget only to get an error message? Don’t worry. You aren’t alone.  Since several battery types look similar, most people can’t tell them apart. It’s also challenging to remember the battery names. Battery CR2025 vs. CR2032—they’re long, and they’re confusing. There’s also a clear scarcity of information on 3V button cells, which doesn’t help at all.

Want to become an expert on button cells? Take this journey with us as we explore the differences and similarities between CR2025 vs. CR2032 types of batteries and whether you can use them interchangeably.

What Is a CR2025 Battery?

A CR2025 battery is a generic designation for a non-rechargeable (primary) lithium coin battery. It’s got a cutoff voltage of 3 Volts.

The CR2025 coin battery model has a battery storage life of 10 years. 

These popular CR2025 batteries have a very low self-discharge, making them the most preferred alternatives for traditional batteries.

What Is a CR2032 Battery?

The lithium coin CR2032 battery is the most common type of battery in use across various devices. It is a 240 mAh non-rechargeable battery with a cut-off voltage of 3 Volts.

The chemical composition of the coin battery model includes quality materials such as lithium, manganese, graphite, and cobalt.

With the lithium coin CR2032 battery, you get a battery storage life of 10 years.

CR2025 vs CR2032: The Uses

BIOS battery chips close-up

BIOS battery chips close-up

Application of CR2025 vs CR2032

The wide range of real-life applications of these batteries include:

  • Wristwatches
  • Pocket calculators
  • Hearing aids
  • Fitness appliances
  • Temp sensor
  • Laser pens
  • Medical devices
Medical devices

Medical devices

  • Real-time clock module boards
  • Garage door openers
  • LED light

CR2025 vs CR2032: The Similarities

  • They both have a cutoff voltage of 3 Volts.
  • The batteries have identical diameter sizes—both are 20 mm in diameter.
  • Both types of lithium-ion batteries have a similar operating range of temperatures— -30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Both the 3V batteries have a similar chemical substance-Lithium.
  • These batteries also power the same variety of devices.
  • Their shelf-life is also identical when stored under the same conditions.
  • They have the same long-term discharge characteristics of approx. 1% self-discharging rate
Battery CR2025 vs CR2032--CR2025


Source: Wikimedia Commons.

CR2025 vs CR2032: The Differences

Let’s take a look at the difference between CR2025 vs. CR2032.

Differences in Dimensions/Battery Size

CR2032 has a thicker (3.2 mm) battery size than CR2025 (2.5 mm).

Most devices will accommodate both the batteries, but the CR2032 will sit more snugly in the battery compartment.

Battery CR2025 vs CR2032– Differences in Capacity

The CR2032 button battery has a better storage reserve capacity (235 mAh) than the CR2025 (170 mAh).

Your CR2025 will last you a shorter duration than the CR2032. The CR2025 will last for about 2-3 months under heavy load. In comparison, the CR2032 has a battery life of 3-4 months. However, for normal load usage, both the batteries have a storage time of 10 years.

A higher mAh capacity adds to the shelf-life and battery life as well.

Note that not every lithium coin cell battery will drain the same in different electronic devices. This factor will depend on the active device, dynamic loads, material quality applied to the lithium cells in the battery.

While a Lithium battery has a high initial discharge rate, its overall discharge rate is very low. That’s the reason why these batteries last longer than alkaline batteries.

Battery CR2025 vs CR2032--Button cell battery

Button cell battery

Battery CR2025 vs CR2032– Can I Use a CR2025 Battery Instead of a CR2032?

Both the CR2025 and CR2032 batteries are interchangeable. However, some battery compartments meant for a thinner battery type, such as the CR2025 battery models, might be too small for the CR2032. The opposite is also true, where the CR3032 battery holder might be too big for the CR2025. It will give you an error message on the electrical applications you’re using.

Here’s what to do if you need to fit a CR2025 battery in a CR2032 compartment.

Take a piece of aluminum foil (you can also use another conductor), then push it into the space above the battery. Make sure you place the folded piece on the positive (+) side of the battery.

If you find yourself with a compact size compartment, there’s nothing you can do.

Make note that a CR2025 will last for a shorter duration than the coin battery CR2032.

Another factor to consider is the device you will be using. 

If you are powering a simple device like a toy or a remote, then you’d want to use the CR2025. In comparison, the CR2032 coin cell battery might be the preferred choice for active devices such as medical, hearing aids, pacemakers, digital watches, etc. These devices need a long shelf life, quality material, additional charge, and larger capacity.

Checking the appliance manual for the electrical devices will also tell you what typical capacity you need and the lithium battery to use.

Battery CR2025 vs CR2032–Alternate Options

Battery CR2025 vs CR2032--lithium button cell batteries

lithium button cell batteries

Lithium batteries provide long-lasting, reliable power in comparison to alkaline batteries. However, product prices for lithium batteries are higher than product prices for alkaline batteries.

Button cell batteries are also more reliable due to their long-term discharge characteristics of 1%.

Of course, you can’t use a 3V battery to replace conventional batteries like a 12V battery or a 40 kW battery replacement.


In conclusion, both the battery options have similarities and differences. Both provide long-lasting, reliable power and are an alternative to traditional batteries.

The only difference between CR2025 vs. CR2032 you need to account for when choosing one of these two batteries include:

  • Capacity
  • Thickness
  • Usage

Trying to wire LEDs and CR2032 batteries to make it work? Here’s a video guide to help you.

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