2N7002 Datasheet: An Overview of this MOSFET IC

Transistors are an essential part of electronic circuits. Because of their unique properties, they suit many different applications. However, our focus is on one of them – the 2N7002 MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). The 2N7002 is a logic level N-channel MOSFET. Typically, it has a low current, voltage, and input capacitance. For this reason, it is a crucial part of power management applications. Here, we highlight the description, features, and other basics of the 2N7002 Datasheet.


In brief, the 2N7002 is a type of N-channel MOSFET. Also, it is a logic-level gate drive source useful in reducing on-state resistance. In addition, the MOSFET has a small gate-to-source threshold voltage rated 2.1V. Therefore, it is ideal for 3.3V application circuits. This feature also means a high-switching performance. So, it is a ubiquitous part of compact applications.


MOSFET showing the source, gate, and drain

(MOSFET showing the source, gate, and drain).

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1SourceCurrent moves out through the terminal of the source pin.
2GateThis gate is in charge of the biasing of the MOSFET.
3DrainAlso, the current moves out through the terminal of the drain pin.


  • The 2N7002 has a Drain N-channel MOSFET with low on-state resistance (<5Ω)
  • It has a drain pin source voltage of 60V.
  • 200 mA is its continuous drain current.
  • The max and min gates threshold voltages are 3V and 1V, respectively.
  • Its turn OFF time and turn ON time are 8ns and 15ns, respectively.


Overall, there are three common alternatives. They are NTR4003, FDC666, and FDC558 MOSFETs.


The 2N7002 has two equivalent P-channels: the BSS84 and FDN358P MOSFETs.


Other N-channel MOSFETs are BS170N, IRF3205, 2N7000, IRF1010E, and IRF540N.

The typical structure Of N-Channel Mosfets

(The typical structure Of N-Channel Mosfets)


  • It is important in Low Voltage and Low Current switching applications.
  • They are useful components of DC converters.
  • Also, it is useful in power management applications.
  • In general, it is essential in low on-state resistance systems.
  • Finally, it is useful in mobility applications.

(A charging electric car as a mobility application).


The 2N7002 MOSFET is an N-channel MOSFET with a simple pin configuration. It is perfect for power management applications and small on-state resistance systems.

So, in the future, would you like to try out the 2N7002 MOSFET in a project? In any case, contact our team if you need any help or questions.

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