D880 Transistor: What You Need to Know

Transistors are critical components in basic electronics. They are semiconductor materials and are effective devices used for signal amplification, among other electrical applications. One type of transistor is the D880 transistor. This article will help you understand its features, specifications working, and applications. 

What is the D880 Transistor?

A D880 transistor is a type of amplifier transistor that uses low frequency. Also, it falls under class B electronic amplifier circuits, particularly a push-pull circuit type of configuration transistor.

D880 transistor Pin Configuration

D880 Transistor Pin Configuration 

D880 Transistor Pin Configuration 

The base (Pin 1) controls biasing in the transistor by two modes, ON and OFF. On the other hand, the collector (Pin 2) allows current flow in the transistor. In addition, this terminal connects to the Ground signal system. 

Finally, the emitter (Pin 3) connects to the Ground signal system. Therefore, the current drain out of the transistor in this terminal.

The Features and Specifications of D880 Transistor

Engineers design the D880 transistor from the TO-220 package type and have a max collector current value of 3A. 

It has a maximum Transition frequency/ft of 3 MHz. 

Also, the maximum voltage value from the collector to the emitter (VCE) is 60V.

The transistor is conventionally made using silicon and has NPN polarity. 

So, it works best within the temperature range of -55 to 150 C. 

The maximum voltage from collector to base (VCB) is 60V. In contrast, the maximum voltage from emitter to bottom (VEB) is 7V. 

Motor Driver Circuit using a D880 Transistor

DC motors consume a current of above 250mA for integrated Circuits such as the 555 timers. Damage may occur whenever a motor driver circuit connects to the output terminal of any IC.

You can solve this problem by incorporating a bridge between the IC and the motor. There are various ways of achieving this, such as relays or a transistor.

A D880 transistor can act as a switch in the motor driver circuit. Therefore, it can turn the motor drive ON or OFF depending on the applied voltage in this design.

Suppose the maximum voltage applied at the base terminal is 5V, the motor moves. Ultimately, the motor is OFF if there is no voltage supply. So be sure to check the transistor rating before using it as a switch in a motor drive circuit.

The D880 transistor is a power transistor that prevents damage to a circuit. A DC motor consumes a current of about 250mA. If the required current exceeds what the transistor can provide, you should use a relay. Also, the collector current rating for the transistor should be 3A.

D880 Transistor Alternatives


The list below describe the applications of the D880 transistor:

  • It is a circuit amplifier, for example, an audio amplifier.
  • It is effective as a switch in an electronic circuit
  • Used as a relay driver
  • Can drive loads under 3A
  • Used in DC-DC converters
  • TUsed as an output of various ICs and controllers
  • Used in general electronic circuit applications such as Arduino and Raspberry pi

Can D882 and D880 be Interchangeable?

D880 and D882 can be interchangeable. However, it’s possible only if the transistors’ working voltage exceeds 30V while the maximum collector current doesn’t exceed 3A.

D880 operates under a maximum working voltage of 30V and a current of 7A. On the other hand, D882 operates under a max collector current of 3A and voltage of 60V.


In summary, the D880 transistor is a class B push-pull type of transistor. 

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