Irf540 Pinout- Working Principle, Features, and Applications

Switching is an essential aspect of a variety of electronic applications. In most cases, the typical transistor is enough. Nonetheless, where fast switching is necessary, you require a particular type of transistor. An irf540 comes in handy as it has a higher speed power than the typical transistor. This article will focus on the irf540 pinout. Further, it’ll elaborate on its speed switching applications. Check it out. 

What is Irf540?

An irf540 Transistor

An irf540 Transistor

The MOSFET applies trench technology. It’s an N-channel powered MOSFET popular for its low thermal resistance. Also, it can handle high current loads and has voltage switching capabilities. Thus, it can reach a high-level driving capability.

Irf540 Pin Configuration

Two Transistors in a TO-220 package

Two Transistors in a TO-220 package

  1. Pin 1/ Source Pin; Current flows out of the MOSFET via this pin 
  2. Pin 2/ Gate Pin; It is handy in controlling the MOSFET’s biasing
  3. Pin 3/ Drain Pin; The pin where current enters the MOSFET. 

 Irf540 Working Principle

Several MOSFETs

Several MOSFETs

It has a straightforward operating principle. The entrance is an N-type transistor, while the other two terminals are N-type. Applying a current at the gate terminal induces the gate and drain shorting. 

Also, the drain and the source operate as the electron emitter and collector, respectively. Besides, the MOSFETS wiring is similar to that of BJTs. The only difference is that the MOSFET is voltage-controlled while BJTs are current-controlled. 

Irf540 Features

Transistors in a TO-220 package

These are the key features and specifications of the MOSFET: 

  1. It is a small signal N channel transistor type in a TO-220 package. 
  2. Secondly, it features a high-temperature tolerance capacity. 
  3. The maximum voltage that you can apply from drain to source is 100V. Further, the maximum gate to source voltage is ±20V.
  4. Fourthly, its maximum continuous drain current is 23A, and maximum power dissipation of 100W. 
  5. Also, it has a Max Pulsed Drain Current of 92A. Nonetheless, the drain current rating depends on the manufacturer. 
  6. Additionally, it requires a minimum voltage drain of 2V to 4V to conduct. Also, its operating temperature and storage temperature range are between -55 to +150 ℃. 
  7. Furthermore, it features a turn-on and turn-off time of  35ns. Again, it has a low threshold current. Thus, it is compatible with Arduino
  8. Besides, it’s manufactured using cutting-edge processing technology. Moreover, it has full resistance to avalanche or peak surge currents.
  9. Lastly, it has a fast switching capability. Hence, it is useful for switching operations. 

Application Circuits

This MOSFET is helpful in the following application circuits: 

Motor Control

An electric motor

An electric motor

The critical requirements of devices for motor control applications include: 

  • Firstly, it needs to be rugged and high voltage rated. 
  • Also, it should have a high current rating and high-speed switching properties. 

All these features are synonymous with the IRF540. Thus, it is ideal for the control of motors. 

Buck Converter

Devices with ordinary current, voltage, and switching levels are incompatible with buck converters. Consequently, the IRF540 is best suited for buck-boost switching applications.

Power Inverter

Several Power Inverters

Several Power Inverters

The IRF540 has a high power rating. Hence, it’s handy in the manufacture of power inverters. 

Zero Drop Solar Switch

The power rating for most modern-day solar panels is relatively high. Therefore, they require a controller with a high power handling capacity. Hence, the IRF540 is the most viable option for high-power solar controller applications. 

Primarily this is because of its switching capabilities at high power. 

IRF540 Replacement and Equivalent

The following are some of the MOSFET’s equivalents:

2SK2391, 2SK1928, 2SK2466 and 2SK2789, BUK551-100A, BUK455-100A, BUK445-100A, BUZ21 and BUK555-100A, IRFI540G and IRFS540, RFP22N10, MTP27N10E.

irf540 Applications

The irf540 is useful in UPS systems

The irf540 is useful in UPS systems.


  • First, it’s essential in fast switching applications and telecommunication applications. 
  • Also, the MOSFET is essential in a wide variety of battery chargers and battery management systems.
  • Thirdly, it’s handy in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and solar battery chargers. 
  • Lastly, you’ll find the MOSFETs in motor driver applications for speed control and computer-related applications. 


In a nutshell, the irf540 is a perfect choice for many daily life-switching applications. Thus, It has a significantly wide acceptance as the ideal transistor for high power switching. It has a wide range of applications that include the following: if you have any queries on its switching characteristics, among other insights, please reach out to us. We will respond to you promptly. 

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