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EMW3165- WiFi Module Properties and Applications

A Wi-Fi module/ WLAN module is important for accessing the internet via a wireless connection.  We’ll explore the features and the typical applications of the EMW3165 Wi-Fi module. 

What is an EMW3165?

A Computer Connected to WiFi

Fig 1: A Computer Connected to WiFi

It is an embedded, low-cost, small form, low-power Wi-Fi module. Also, the module features a 128Kilo Bytes of RAM, a Cortex-M4 core microcontroller, and a 512KB of chip flash. Furthermore, the module has 2M Bytes of SPI flash/onboard flash. 

Besides, the module is rich in various digital and analog peripheral resources and operates as a MiCO platform. Therefore, it allows users to create custom embedded Wi-Fi applications on a MiCO library. It is handy in managing TCP/IP stack processing and  Wi-Fi MAC. 

In addition, it has a self-hosted WiFi network library. Finally, the WiFi module sports an independent series of firmware such as Cloud services and Wireless UART

Module Specifications

A Router for Accessing the Internet

Fig 2: A Router for Accessing the Internet

The module measures 32mm by 16mm and has the following properties: 

  • It requires 3v to 6v operating voltage and features 22 GPIO module pins 
  • Secondly, it has a JTAG and SWD interface and 0.9 mm pitch pins

Wi-Fi Module

  • It supports various protocols, including 802.11 n, 802.11 g, and 802.11 b. 
  • Also, the module allows Enterprise, WPA/WPA2 PSK, WEP encryptions, and its receiver to have a sensitivity of -87 dBm. 
  • Further, it enables EasyLink support and thus will connect to a wi-fi network in a single click.
  • Lastly, the EMW3162 Wi-Fi module sports an external antenna with an IPEX connector and a Built-in PCB.

STM32F411CE microcontroller

  • The STM Cortex-M4 operates at a frequency of 100 MHz and has a 128 KBs of RAM.
  • Secondly, it has 2M external flash memory, which operates on an SPI bus

The Main Difference Between EMW3162 and EMW3165

A WiFi Board module 

Fig 3: A WiFi Board module 

The EMW3162 operates on a 120MHz frequency Cortex-M3 microcontroller. Further, it has a 1Mega Byte of flash and 128Kilo bytes of SRAM. Lastly, it has MxchipWnet embedded Wi-Fi firmware, which opens up an extensive range of peripherals. 

Contrastingly, the EMW3165 features an STM32F411CE Cortex-M4 microcontroller operating on a self-hosted” WiFi networking library. Further, its peripherals-rich to enable embedded operations. 

The second difference is that the EMW3165 is relatively smaller than the EMW3162. 

Hardware Block

EMW3165 Hardware Block

Fig 4: EMW3165 Hardware Block

EMW3165 Applications

The Low-power embedded WIFI module is useful in the following application components: 

  • Auto electronics and Point of Sale (POS) systems
  • Industrial automation systems and the healthcare industry
  • Essential in building automation systems and smart home appliances. 


Above is a detailed elaboration of the features of the low-power embedded Wi-Fi Module. For additional queries, talk to us, and we’ll gladly help. 

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