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LM358 op-amp: A Complete User Guide and More!

The LM358 op-amp is a standard yet straightforward dual-channel op-amp with a high gain capability. Moreover, these ICs accept a wide range of input offset voltage, yet some have only a single power supply voltage. Undoubtedly, this property makes the op-amp very practical in your electronic connections.

LM358 Pin Configuration

The LM358 is an 8-pin device. The table below describes each pin.

The LM358 is an 8-pin device. The table below describes each pin.
an op-amp with eight pins

(an op-amp with eight pins)

Features and specifications

  • Firstly, the lm358  has double op-amps confined in a single package.
  • Secondly, it accepts a range of voltages. For instance, a single supply lm358 has a voltage ranging between 3v to 32v. In contrast, the dual-supply op-amp input offset voltage ranges between ± 1.5v to ±16v.
  • Thirdly, it has short circuit protected outputs.
  • Additionally, it has a low supply current of 700uA.
  • Also, the IC has two op-amps which makes it very effective and reliable.
  • Moreover, it operates at an ambient temperature of between 0⁰C and 70⁰C.
  • In addition, it has a 10-second prescribed soldering pin temperature of 260⁰C.
  • Lastly, this electrical device is available in TO-99, SOIC, DSBGA, PDIP, and CDIP standard packages.
an op-amp in a PDIP package.

(an op-amp in a PDIP package.)

Other Dual op-amps IC and Equivalent Dual Op-amp IC

Equivalent op-amps to the lm358 are the lm358E, LM358A, LM358W, and LM388N. However, there are other op-amps in the market, including the LM301.

How to Supply Connection LM358 op-amp?

diagram showing a single and double supply connection.

 (diagram showing a single and double supply connection.)

In both diagrams, we have two op-amps. However, one receives power from a single supply. While the other has power from two different sources. The one supply op-amp gets only one voltage; positive supply voltage. The one with two supplies gets both a negative supply voltage and a positive supply voltage.

Notably, one terminal of the op-amp in the single supply connects to the ground. Thus, an input signal fed can only travel from the +ve voltage supply to the ground. Hence the single supply op-amp is unsuitable for AC signals requiring full cycles.

On the other hand, a double supply op-amp has its terminals connected to the positive and negative power supplies. Therefore, an input signal fed to the op-amp will swing from the +ve voltage to the -ve voltage. Thus very practical for AC signals since they perform full cycles.

operational amplifiers on a whiteboard

(operational amplifiers on a whiteboard.) 


  • Firstly, it can work in a transducer amplifier device.
  • Secondly, the IC is useful in a voltage comparator.
  • Thirdly,  it can help operate a summer adder, differentiator, voltage follower, and integrator.
  • Again, the op-amp efficiently works in dc gain blocks, oscilloscopes, and digital multimeters.
  • Lastly, the IC in a conventional op-amp circuit will help in signal conditioning.
an op-amp working in an amplifier device

(an op-amp working in an amplifier device.)

What is the difference between LM358 and LM358N?

Both circuits connect an input bias current of 5v and an amp meter. The amp meter on the lm358N course will read 0.7mA and remain the same for hours. Whereas with the lm358 circuit, the initial reading is similar to the lm358N; however, it will continuously fluctuate.


The LM358 op-amp provides excellent characteristics that make them an easy-to-use, reliable electronic component.

Moreover, if you’re interested in further learning about your related op-amp projects, contact us! Our team is always happy to answer any electronic component questions from you.

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