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MAX3232 Datasheet: A Basic Guide

If you do not know what max3232 is, it may be tough to interface any microcontroller with a computer.

To interface with a microcontroller, it is critical to understand the pin arrangement and features of the max3232. 

We’ll go through the basics of max3232, including pinout settings and applications.

What Is MAX3232?

MAX3232 is a transistor-transistor logic integrated circuit that’s very popular. This device has two-line drivers, a twin charge-pump course, and two-line receivers with a 15-kV ESD protection terminal.

In addition, MAX3232 complies with TIA/EIA-232-Fand regulations. It connects an asynchronous communication controller to a serial-port connector through an electrical interface. 

MAX3232 Pinout

MAX3232 Datasheet: Features

First, the MAX3232 setup and initialization are simple. It supports two concurrent conversions (Dual drivers and Receivers) and logic devices that operate at 5V and 3.3V. Also, with an operating current of 8mA, it supports 16-pin PDIP, SO, and SOIC modules. In addition, it has up to 250 kbit/s transmission speed and  ±30-V input levels.

In addition, it extends Power Savings Time between charges, and its ESD Protection on Buses exceeds industry standards.

Besides, its integrated features reduce board space. Lastly, it uses a Human-Body Model, 15 kV (HBM).

How To Use MAX3232?

To set up the IC, supply the Vcc with the appropriate voltage. Connect the GND pin to the circuit. 

This integrated circuit can convert two logic levels. You can use this integrated circuit with two microcontrollers. Also, T1 in (pin 10) and R1 out (pin 13) should correspond to these two pins. 

The pins R1 IN and T1 OUT aid in converter R2232 logic signals and T1 OUT. These are TTL/CMOS logic inputs (pin 14). 

The circuit utilizes charge pumping. It uses a capacitor to charge up to 25V, thus converting 3.3V/5V to 25V.

MAX3232 Datasheet: Application

First, designers use it in interfacing microcontrollers with computers, and it’s a key component in the creation of RS232 cables.

In addition, designers use it to make personal computers and battery-operated systems, including various embedded systems, such as ARM, PIC, Atmel, TTL, or CMOS logic circuits.

Lastly, engineers use it to make high-speed modems, computer peripherals, and printers.


The MAX3232 is essential to connect microcontrollers to computers and allow serial communication between them. If you have any questions, you can contact us on our page.

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