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PCB Mount Transformer-How To Choose It

PCB mount transformer that is specifically designed so that can be mounted on computers or PCBs boards. The general purpose of a transformer is to transfer power from one device or circuit to another. This process of transferring energy is generally known as induction. PCBs mount transformer is also known as board mount transformers.

Figure 1 shows an example of a PCB mount transformer.

PCB mount transformer1.png

Figure 1

1.PCB mount transformer consists

Like conventional transformers, PCB mount transformers generally consist of the primary and secondary coil wire. PCB mount transformer consists of metalcore, an outer casing, mounting brackets, and connecting terminals. PCB mount transformer is usually made of light materials to be mounted on a computer board or over a chassis. The transformers are generally manufactured using semiconductor fabrication technology. PCB-mounted transformers are mostly integrated circuits.

Figure 2 shows a PCBs mount transformer

PCB mount transformer2.png

Figure 2

2.PCB mount transformers types

PCB mount transformers have such a more straightforward and compact design that it is very viable in applications that need little space for components or are aimed to be close in design. While designing PCB mount transformers, designers put in a lot of effort as the design of PCB mount transformers primarily depends on the user’s requirements or the application it is needed for.

In the case of PCBs mount transformers, the size of the transformer holds great significance. Some examples of different PCB mount transformers include Flatpack, Surface mount technology, through-hole technology, and waveguide assemblies.

Some major types of PCBs mount transformers used in day-to-day applications are audio transformers, autotransformers, balun transformers, current sense transformers, flyback transformers, interface transformers, lighting transformers, medical transformers, power transformers, RF transformers, resonant transformers, switch-mode transformers. Figure 3 shows the amount transformer.

PCB mount transformer3.png

Figure 3


Although a PCB mount transformer holds great significance in designing a PCB circuit, a lot of research is being conducted in this domain. The engineers are working hard on making these functional components as compact as possible. With the emerging technologies and new trends in the electronic design world, it is expected that these components would become more energy efficient in the coming years. PCB mount transformers provide power transfer between certain parts over the PCB board; it holds great importance as not many components offer this feature.

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