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Rj45 Connector Pinouts: A Complete Guide and More!

RJ45 connector pinouts are essential equipment that transmits voice or data information over long distances. ‘RJ’ is an acronym for Registered Jack, while ’45’ is the value of the standard interface.

Notably, the RJ is a different Registered Jack systems label, including the RJ11. The advancement in the development of the RJ system was to replace the hardwired telephone wiring systems that were bulky.

This article will discuss the rj45 in detail, focusing on using the modular plug.

RJ45 Pin Diagram

The rj45 connector has a total of 8 pins and eight colored wires. Moreover, you’ll find the colored stripes in 4 twisted pairs. Additionally, the wire pairs are responsible for handling power and signals in a proper electrical connection.

No.Signal nameDescriptionWire color
1TX+_D1Transmit data+White with an orange stripe
2TX-_D1Transmit data-solid orange/ orange with white stripe
3RX+_D2Receive data+White with a green stripe
4BI+_D3Bi-directional+solid blue/blue wire with white stripe
5BI-_D3Bi-directional-White with a blue stripe
6RX-_D2Receive data-Green with white stripe/solid green
7BI+_D4Bi-directional+white wire with brown stripe
8BI-_D4Bi-directional-solid brown/ brown wire with white stripe.

The table above describes the TB68B wiring scheme. 

To clarify, T568B and T568A are the standard wiring schemes that define the arrangement of the wires. Also, the wire arrangement has to be accurate when linking an RJ to a cable. However, the T568B standards are the most common with the two wiring standards in place. The two standards also have different connection styles. 

The connection is straight through if you wire both ends of the cable using the T568B. However, when both ends of the patch cable have different standard wiring schemes, the connection becomes a cross-over connection.

image of the different T568A and T568B wiring schemes

(image of the different T568A and T568B wiring schemes.)

What is an Rj45 Connector?

An rj45 is a popular modular connector type that provides electronic systems and data communication services. 

Notably, the connector consists of metal contacts parted by plastic channels. The plastic media should fit into the rj45 standard jack. After, the connectors enclose the tracks with a tab and secure the jack with a crimp making it firm. However, if pulled, the channel can detach from the jack disrupting the electrical connection. 

Also, the registered jacks are made of a plastic material with eight pins attached to them. Four of these pins are in charge of sending and receiving data. The other group of four pins is in order of transmitting power

You already know that the rj45 connector has an eight-pin configuration. This connection wiring is so much like that of the 8P8C connector. Only an actual RJ45 connection can achieve transmission. Also, with an rj45, you have the inclusion of a tab. The tab allows you to connect a device in one direction only with a compatible socket. Importantly, this connection helps you to achieve a reliable connection. 

ethernet port

(ethernet port.)

Rj45 Features and Functions.

  • Firstly, the ethernet network has indicators that display the connection status. 
  • Secondly, the device has receptacles or sockets that allow you to orient your device horizontally or vertically. The orientation allows you to use the gadget in distinct applications.
  • Thirdly, the rj45 contains a tab that helps you avoid incorrect connection wiring.
  • Also, the 8 pins present are essential in carrying lots of data or in applications that are so intense.
  • Additionally, the modular jack contains a shield that prevents infiltration of RFI/EMI.
  • This device has a key feature that helps to ensure the correct insertion of the network cables.
  • Moreover, the Hi-Rel feature on the rj45 connector protects the hardware and the cables.
  • Then, the device has a physical interface with integrated magnetics that shields the system and offers current protection.
  • Lastly, since this electrical device is a modular connector, it has similar features to a modular connector. A modular connector has;
  • wiring and connectors that are solderless.
  • Network cards that are easy to insert and pull out.
  • Wiring and cables that are affordable.
  • cables that are customizable
  • equipment that is easy to assemble and operate.
an ethernet cable shows the different colored wires

(an ethernet cable shows the different colored wires.)

Where to Use the Rj45 Connectors?

The rj45 8-pin jack is a physical connector working as a communication protocol. You mainly use the connector in long-distance communication or ethernet connections because of the straight-through cables.

When using these RJ-45 connectors, you can send data from two different microcontrollers through a long-distance without interruption. Moreover, you can achieve this transmission by linking these microprocessors using ethernet cables like the CAT and USP cables. The wires run straight to the RJ-45 connectors, which support different types of network cables.

Also, there are many types of RJ-45 connectors, including the original rj45s. These devices in the Registered Jack system have the same functions. However, they have different builds and pairs of wires.

a LAN cable rj45

(a LAN cable rj45)

How to Connect the RJ-45 Connector?

As discussed, the electrical equipment is an 8-pin connector. This device uses CAT cables as the ethernet cable makes the connector very advantageous. Important to select the correct pins for data carrying and ground connection to make the protocol work efficiently.

The explanation is that the CAT cables contain twisted pairs of wires. In addition, these twisted wire pairs are held in a network cable that offers protection against external noise.

Since the wires are in a twisted pair, one will be the ground wire. The ground wire works by freeing the system from interruption or external noise during long-distance communication. Contrastingly, the other wire in the pair works by carrying the data or information.

a LAN network with connected ethernet cables.

(a LAN network with connected ethernet cables.)

RJ45 Connector Applications

  • Firstly, you use this device in ethernet cable connectors.
  • Secondly, the registered jack can transfer information over long distances.
  • Thirdly, the straight-through cables can carry data in a noisy environment.
  • Additionally, the network interface cards can support power over ethernet.
  • Lastly, you need this device because the cable runs in a long-distance wired connection
network cables on a network switch

(network cables on a network switch.)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Rj45

PoE supplies direct current to electronic equipment through the unutilized twisted pairs in ethernet connectors. With PoE, there is no need to have a separate power source.

PoE has proven to be safe, flexible, scalable, and reliable. These PoE features reduce the use of separate electrical cables and the cost of installation fees.

Additionally, PoE offers flexibility since devices don’t have to be close to the power outlets.

You should know that the IEEE standard 802.3af operates the PoE. However, subsequent versions of this program have been developed depending on the amount of power it can distribute.

a picture showing the flexibility of the power cables

(a picture showing the flexibility of the power cables.)


The rj45 is an essential device in ethernet connectivity. The connectors were initially developed as more minor replacements to the telephone wiring methods. 

We hope this article has been of help to you. Our team is always ready to help! Also, if you have any questions about this article or any of our work, please reach out to us.

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