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Scheme-It Introducing(An Amazing Tool)

Scheme-It is a free web-based schematic drawing and diagramming tool. Designed using HTML5 technology, the device runs freely in any browser without requiring additional plugins to operate. This article is about an introduction to Scheme-It and its features.


1. Scheme-It–What does Scheme-It Mean?


Scheme-It is an online schematic and diagramming tool that allows anyone to design and share electronic circuit diagrams. The device includes a comprehensive electronic symbol library and an integrated Digi-Key component catalog that allows various circuit designs. Additionally, a built-in bill of materials manager is provided to track parts used in a plan. Once a schematic drawing is complete, users can export it to an image file or share it via email with others. Scheme-it works natively in all major web browsers without requiring the use of any plugins. Only registered users can share and save designs.


YouTube video

2. Scheme-ItFeatures:

2.1 What can it do?

 1. Schematic design: Video tutorial; Design and share electronic schematics and technical graphics.

 2. Bill of Material Manager: List icon. Using Digi-Key’s Bill of Material Manager.


 3. Track the parts used in each design: Digi-Key Catalog, Directory icon, integrated electronic symbol library, and Digi-Key component catalogs.

2.2 Features:


Ability to diagram

the Block, Icon, System, or Schematic  A library of over 700 generic symbols, as well as custom symbol creation. Access to over 4 million components via Digi-Key Catalog integration. Freedom to keep designs private, make them

public, share via link, or embedded into web pages, blogs, or emails.

Rapid design evolution via Bill of Material (BOM) import capability.

Integrated Bill of Materials and quoting.

Export into PDF or PNG files.

A direct link to Digi-Key Technical Support for help with component selection activities.

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