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How to Make a Silk Screen(An Easy Way)

If you wonder how to make a silkscreen and don’t know the entire mechanism, you don’t need to worry. The process of making silkscreen is not complicated in case if you have the screen stencil. If you have to make a unique design or are required to complete the print creatively, you are about to make the silkscreen from your stencil. You must have some material like vinyl cutters and some emulsion gels crucial for the silkscreen-making process. Both amateur and professionals can quickly know how to make a silkscreen using emulsion gels, vinyl cutters, and screen stencils.

1.Drawing the Traces onto the Vinyl or Mylar Paper

The first step is drawing the traces onto the vinyl or Mylar paper. The next step is to transfer the image over the desired stencil material. You can use a fine marker having a tip for your design to see the traces easily. You are supposed to use a metal ruler and make straight lines.

2.Securing the Vinyl or Mylar to a Transparent Plastic

The step is to prepare the design for cutting. You have to hold a tape to cut down your structure. You have to keep the area around 1 inch around the frame.

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3.Silk ScreenWeeding Using a Knife

The next step is to weed the design through a knife having sharp edges to remove the parts over vinyl or Mylar, which are unwanted. You can rotate your stencil to be accessible in cutting and weeding the design.

4.Attaching the Design to Silk Screen

The final step is to attach the design to the silkscreen, for which you have a layer of transparent tape over the back of the stencil. Now you have to apply the silkscreen, and your design is ready.

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